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12/05/2009    12:28 PM

Members are already discussing what they would like to see on the F30 3-series (now only 2 years away). What’s your thoughts?

11/11/2009    5:12 PM

We bring you the first video of the 2012 F30 3-series captured in motion on the streets of Munich.

11/10/2009    4:31 PM

The next generation F30 3-series was just spotted in live testing for the first time, on the streets of Munich. The previous set of photos featured the car on a flatbed truck.

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11/04/2009    7:29 AM

Here’s the world’s first look at the 2012 BMW 3-series (F30 / F35)! We didn’t expect test mules this early, but let the strip tease begin!

10/07/2009    4:35 PM

Incredibly, test mules of the next gen 3-series (F30 / F35) will be spotted perhaps within the next year. So, what’s your wish list for the next 3?

06/28/2009    7:02 PM

Inside is some new insight and information from Scott26/27 regarding the next generation 3-series’ design and entire 3-series product line.

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05/26/2009    7:37 AM

The 2012 (F30) 3-series test mule has been spotted yet again. An E90 shell sits atop the F30′s widened track for now. The new generation 3-series is expected in 2012.

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05/05/2009    2:32 AM

Auto Motor Und Sport has put together speculative images of the 2012 F30 3-series and upcoming 3-series PAS using elements from BMW’s latest offerings (7-series, Z4 and 5-series GT)

01/09/2009    2:03 PM

These are purported to be pics of a very early test mule for the next generation BMW 3-series (F30). If true, the modifications to an E90 body are likely for chassis testing only, but hint that the F30 3-series will have a wider (and perhaps longer) wheelbase. Expect the actual final sheet metal to be different, of course. The F30 3-series is expected in 2012.

And please, please dont make posts such as “its hideous.” If this is truly a test mule, its only undergoing chassis testing and what you see here is not at all indicative of what the F30 will resemble. This was only posted because it would be an interesting bit of news to know that the next generation 3-series is already undergoing testing.

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