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05/01/2012    11:00 AM

Auto Start-Stop Fix:

BMW has released software to fix any of the early 335i F30 that had a problem where the engine sometimes stalled after the Auto Stop/Start system tried to restart. Problem was a calibration error. BMW cites an unfavorable DME software application as the source of the issue. It affects cars produced from 11/2/2011 to 2/29/2012.

USA members, refer your dealer to “SIB 12 06 12″ (Service bulletin 10 12 00 09 00)

Headrest Fix:

For those with F30 where you cannot get the headrest back to its lowest position after raising them , BMW USA have released a fix. Your dealer will install a fix kit to rectify the problem

Refer your USA dealer to “SIB 52 03 12″

Cars built from March 2012 on should not have … CONTINUED