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12/15/2011    1:45 PM

The 2013 F80 M3 sedan continues public testing, and we’ve just spotted it in Munich. Wearing the same level of camouflage as seen in our previously posted photos and videos, the F80 M3 continues to show off its brawny shape and proportions.

Expected in 2013, the F80 M3 has been conducting road testing since the summer of 2011. Based on the same platform/chassis as the 2012 3 Series sedan (F30), the F80 M3 will powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder engine (inline or V configuration not yet confirmed). The number and type of turbos to be used is a topic of much speculation. Two or three turbos is likely, and could potentially include the use of electric turbo(s).

Regardless of what engine layout is eventually … CONTINUED

11/11/2011    3:30 PM

Posted to our facebook page by artist Jacek Kolodziejczyk are these beautiful renders of a BMW F82 M3/M4 coupe. Although the F82 M3/M4 coupe won’t receive the same front fascia as the F80 M3 sedan (as depicted in these renders), this is nonetheless a fun and imaginative look at what the next M3 coupe could somewhat resemble, at least in size and proportioning.

11/09/2011    12:00 PM

Some weeeks ago we brought bring you the very first video of the 2013 BMW M3 sedan internally dubbed F80. We’ve now posted the first footage of F80 M3 prototypes on and around the Nurburgring and conducting high speed performance runs!

As you’d expect from an M3, the F80 prototype looks very planted and stable while being pushed around the Nurburgring. The video provides the best listen yet at the F80′s engine/exhaust noise. And although we can tell with certainty that it’s powered by a 6 cylinder engine (to be turbocharged), it’s difficult to discern whether the engine is an inline or V configuration. BMW M CEO Dr. Nitschke recently stated that they wouldn’t do a V6, but we’ve also been tipped otherwise.

The number and type of … CONTINUED

11/01/2011    9:55 AM

Turbochargers are a popular technology in the automotive world as of late. It allows rather low displacement engines to have relatively high power outputs, while also managing to return fairly good fuel consumption figures (on paper).

Despite the technology being decades old, some of its drawbacks could still be improved upon. One of these issues is the well-known problem of turbo size. A smaller turbine spools up quicky but runs out of steam at higher revs while a bigger turbine offers enough power at high revs but often is too slow at lower revs which results in turbo lag.

BMW has now patented its own idea on how to address these issues, and it involves the use of an often rumored “electric turbocharger”.

We reported before that BMW has … CONTINUED

10/25/2011    12:45 PM

M3 and manual transmission fans can now exhale. These latest spy photos of the F80 M3 sedan by a Autoweek reader show the first interior photos of the F80 M3 sedan and as luck would have it, a manual shifter is clearly visible! This confirms that the F80 M3 should come with both manual transmission and M-DCT options. A smooth shifting M-DCT equipped F80 M3 has already been spied on video previously.

This comes as relief for manual transmission traditionalists as even BMW M has recently stated that it’s unsure how long it will keep developing M models with manual transmission and at some point it will simply not be offered.

The US should receive the manual transmission option as it remains the market which demands it most. … CONTINUED

10/21/2011    11:40 AM

Here’s more F80 M3 renders, in many colors – Melbourne Red, Singapore Gray, Black Sapphire, Carbon Black, Havana, and Estoril Blue II.

10/19/2011    2:30 PM

Yesterday we brought you photos of the first preliminary stage F80 M3 prototype hitting the Nurburgring, and we’ve updated the gallery today with photos of the first advanced prototypes also undergoing testing concurrently. It appears that BMW has F80 M3 models at different stages all testing at the same time at the ring

10/18/2011    12:45 PM

It is always a special thing when a BMW begins development testing at the Nurburgring. Not only does it reassure us BMW faithful that Munich’s finest is being properly developed and tested on the world’s most hallowed racetrack, it also marks the next step towards final release of the car.

Looking at the car itself, it seems to be an earlier prototype which still retains the body armor protecting it from revealing eyes and cameras. However, it does appear when looking at our earlier more revealing spyphotos and videos that the design is already complete. However, what many of us speculate is not complete is the development and decision on the power train. I include the word decision because as there is debate among enthusiast circles about … CONTINUED

10/16/2011    12:00 PM

With the official pictures of the F30 3-Series now available, Photoshop artists have taken to creating a more accurate picture of what the next generation M3 may look like.