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01/16/2010    11:26 AM

The long awaited official photos of the E92 / E93 LCI facelift model has arrived! These camera captured photos reveal a beautiful and subtle update to the original E92 / E93!

01/04/2010    9:00 PM

New info about the soon to be announced E92 / E93 LCI facelift models has come to light, including a performance iS version w/ DCT transmission option.

12/02/2009    6:24 PM

The newest E92 3-series facelift pics showing new LED tail lights & angel eyes, and a new color which seems to be vermillion red.

10/09/2009    8:33 AM

This impression rendering is probably a fairly accurate guess of what the E92 coupe facelift will resemble, based on what weve seen from its spyshots.

from http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de

Attachment 313380

09/22/2009    7:27 PM

With all the changes to the BMW X lineup in the last 6-12 months it seems as tho the current X5 has been left behind a little bit. Not that we are all for such a rapid turnover in design tweaks, nevertheless it seems as tho every X car is either being completly redone or refreshed. So it does make sense that the bread and butter X5 not be treated as a second class citizen and get some updates as well. These photos fairly clearly show that the car will recieve the X6 face but with some tweaks to the bumper that makes it a bit more fitting to the X5 chassis.

Attachment 308636


08/03/2009    1:59 PM

The latest round of E92 coupe facelift spyshots, which looks to include mostly minor tweaks to front lights, front and rear lower bumper, and rear lights.

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08/03/2009    1:54 PM

First photos of the facelifted E93 convertible 3-series, which appears to share common facelift elements as upcoming facelifted E92 coupe.

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