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08/10/2010    5:15 PM

Speaking of special edition M3′s, the US version was the Frozen Gray M3. Most of these 30 limited edition M3′s have now been delivered or accounted for and many owners are M3POST members. Being as fanatical as they are, M3POST members have compiled this list showing where/whom each Frozen Gray M3 was delivered to.

07/13/2010    8:00 AM

The first Frozen Gray M3 has now been delivered to the US – to a lucky owner in California. The story is that he was granted the very first one in the US “due to his ridiculously large collection” of BMWs. He supposedly has almost every M car bmw has ever made in his collection.

07/11/2010    10:30 PM

It seems that not only did US folks have to act fast in getting onto the exclusive 30-spot reservation list for the Frozen Gray M3, but they are now being required to sign a paint disclosure. Whether this is due to the sensitive nature of the matte finish paint or to avoid potential litigation from Frozen Gray M3 owners is not known.

The following recommendations are on the paint disclosure:

Never polish or wax the frozen gray paint as it could lead to a glossy surface.
If washing your frozen gray M3 in a automatic car wash choose a car wash that does not apply vehicle wax. Rinse the M3 with high pressure water to remove dirt … CONTINUED

02/16/2010    8:43 PM

With the upcoming BMW M1 becoming available in Frozen Gray Metallic exterior, the interest in this special color has surged. However, most of the photos we have seen have only been indoor or studio photos, so here’s a glimpse into how this stunning color looks outside in daylight.

11/05/2009    3:00 PM

M3post member takes delivery of a limited edition Frozen Gray M3, by BMW individual program. Congrats Checkcaptain!