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06/01/2011    3:59 PM

BMW’s FWD 1-series model based on the FWD UKL platform has been spotted for the first time! The UKL platform is a FWD platform which the FWD 1-series will share with the next generation of MINIs (which coincidentally [or not] was also spied testing for the first time today).

The FWD 1-series will come in a traditional 5-door hatchback (pictured here), a sporting estate model, and a gran touring version. They’ve been referred to by insider Scott26 as the “City Compact,” the “F.A.S.T. Family Activity Sports Tourer,” and the “GT”. The rumored upcoming Z2 roadster will also be spawned off the UKL platform.

The FWD 1-series will join the rest of the 1-series lineup which in the next generation will include the F20 5-door sporthatch and the F21 … CONTINUED

09/07/2010    12:40 PM

Confused or distraught about BMW’s future FWD model plans? Scott26 provides some clarity on BMW’s plans and philosophies behind the future FWD model development and plans. Read inside.

05/15/2010    8:52 AM

Autocar is reporting that the upcoming FWD sub 1-series BMW will actually be badged as a 1-series, which means that future 1-series BMWs will come in both RWD (next generation of current 1-series lineup) or FWD option (the additional FWD models that will be added to the 1-series lineup beginning in 2013.