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09/03/2012    5:30 PM

We’ve spied the production intent BMW i3 interior clearly for the first time. Although it’s still in unfinished pre-production form, we can see some major components and design elements that will come on the production i3 when the first are delivered in late 2013.

The dash and console loses much of the futuristic styled full touch-sensitive and buttonless interior of the i3 concept in favor of a more practical and modern-day style BMW dashboard. It does however retain an LCD instrument screen from the concept. The large navigation / iDrive screen can be seen in the upper center console, still shrouded by the cloth covering. The plastic around the steering column will of course be gone by production and the rest of the lower center console added. … CONTINUED

07/26/2012    6:00 AM

With the BMW i3 electric city car and i8 electric hybrid sports car, BMW is ready to test online sales for the first time, according to Bloomberg.

As an inexpensive way to reach more buyers and recoup the cars’ development costs, BMW will sell the i3 and i8 directly over the internet for the first time. The i3 and i8 will also be sold in showrooms, but their initial retail rollout (including the first i-showroom in London) will be among a limited showroom network.

The online sales option is aimed at a generation of drivers used to making daily purchases over the Internet. Retail outlets will be restricted to dealers with high BMW-brand sales volume who have floor space as well as capacity to work with I models’ … CONTINUED

07/19/2012    9:00 AM

Electromobility is a topic for BMW since the 70′s. Have a look at the development of electric cars at BMW.

Of particular focus is the BMW E1 electric car which was introduced by BMW as its first all-electric car 21 years ago. It was a revolutionary car for 1991 which featured a rear mounted 37kW (49hp) motor, aluminum and plastic body construction. Its top speed was 72mph and had a 125 mile range. You can say that it is the spiritual forefather for the upcoming BMW i3 electric car. In fact, the i3 and E1 even share a somewhat similar shape.

But things have come a long way since 1991. The BMW i3 concept features 167hp and 184lb-ft torque, albeit with a shorter 93 mile range.

06/14/2012    11:30 AM

Much is already known about the BMW i8, but its pricing when it hits the market in 2014 has been the stuff of speculations only.

We previously estimated that the i8 would be priced at over €100,000 (Euro) and this has now been confirmed by Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales and marketing in Germany and a board member of BMW North America. Speaking to reporters at the grand opening of the world’s first BMW i Store in London, he confirms that the i8 will sell for “more than €100,000″ (approximately $125,000 USD at current conversion rates) in Europe. Although this pricing doesn’t come as a surprise, it is the first time that BMW officials have confirmed any target price range.

Robertson did not provide any pricing estimate … CONTINUED

06/13/2012    9:59 AM

Today, the BMW Group presented its first BMW i Store worldwide in London, unveiling a showroom that offers a completely new brand experience focused on sustainable mobility. BMW i Park Lane will officially open its doors on 25th July.

The event to preview the new BMW i Store was hosted by Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW.

Ian Robertson said: “BMW i Park Lane marks a completely new approach. Situated next to BMW Park Lane and MINI Park Lane, it gives people a perfect opportunity to learn more about electromobility and get close to our future electric and plug-in hybrid BMW i vehicles. This is a further demonstration of our commitment to electromobility.”

The opening of the new BMW i … CONTINUED

05/08/2012    7:30 PM

Last we saw the BMW i8 hybrid sports coupe prototype it was being tested during the dead of winter in Northern Sweden. It’s now Spring and the i8 mule is being tested in the much more pleasant settings of Southern Germany.

The camouflage remains the same as before, but with these clear prototype i8 photos and the recently revealed i8 Spyder Concept, we already have a pretty good idea of the size, proportions, stance, and styling details of the 2014 i8 production car. It will resemble the car seen in the renders posted below.

Powertrain and Sales Target:

The concept i8 specs should give a great idea of what to expect for the production i8 model. The concept i8 features a high performance 3-cylinder petrol engine (164 kW) in … CONTINUED

03/31/2012    5:59 PM

Introducing the BMW i8 Spyder hybrid sports car concept! The BMW i8 Concept Spyder with eDrive is an open-top two-seater embodying a form of personal mobility with equal sporting and emotional appeal.

Under the banner of its sub-brand BMW i, the BMW Group is developing a range of purpose-built vehicle concepts and complementary mobility services which meet the changing needs of customers and redefine the understanding of personal mobility. As well as adopting intelligent technologies and innovative design, BMW i is pursuing an all-embracing approach defined to a significant degree by sustainability throughout the value chain.

Following the presentation of the BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept, the BMW Group introduces the BMW i8 Concept Spyder to the mix. This third BMW i model embodies the … CONTINUED

03/23/2012    3:36 PM

BMW’s highly anticipated i8 plugin electric hybrid sports car is not due until 2014 but CAR claims to already have the skinny on the production i8′s specs and performance data, as follows.

Powertrain / Drivetrain

The gullwinged production i8 is reported to weigh 1,450kg (3,196 pounds). Its 170hp electric motor drives the front wheels while a 223hp / 295lb-ft turbo 1.5L 3-cylinder engine powers the rear wheels. Combined hp and torque figures are 393hp / 406lb-ft torque, more horsepower than the concept’s 349 hp and the same torque figure.

Performance is said to be 4.9sec 0-62mph and a 156mph top speed.

With the ability to be front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, as well as having torque vectoring, the i8′s transmission will be one impressive piece of … CONTINUED

02/07/2012    1:45 PM

Although this pre-production i8 tracks the concept version’s styling generally, as expected, there are some significant changes from the i8 concept model [official info/pics]. The front fascia has lost a bit of its shark nose front slant with a new lower front bumper design, which protrudes more than that on the concept. Also, the headlights have been moved forward to the edge of the hood. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that the extremely deeply set headlights on the concept i8 would likely limit the area which the headlights can illuminate. The headlights will join the kidney grilles at the sides, just as seen on the F30 3 series.

The hood and windshield are now more traditional and the windshield no longer joins the hood … CONTINUED