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06/14/2012    11:30 AM

Much is already known about the BMW i8, but its pricing when it hits the market in 2014 has been the stuff of speculations only.

We previously estimated that the i8 would be priced at over €100,000 (Euro) and this has now been confirmed by Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales and marketing in Germany and a board member of BMW North America. Speaking to reporters at the grand opening of the world’s first BMW i Store in London, he confirms that the i8 will sell for “more than €100,000″ (approximately $125,000 USD at current conversion rates) in Europe. Although this pricing doesn’t come as a surprise, it is the first time that BMW officials have confirmed any target price range.

Robertson did not provide any pricing estimate … CONTINUED

06/13/2012    9:59 AM

Today, the BMW Group presented its first BMW i Store worldwide in London, unveiling a showroom that offers a completely new brand experience focused on sustainable mobility. BMW i Park Lane will officially open its doors on 25th July.

The event to preview the new BMW i Store was hosted by Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW.

Ian Robertson said: “BMW i Park Lane marks a completely new approach. Situated next to BMW Park Lane and MINI Park Lane, it gives people a perfect opportunity to learn more about electromobility and get close to our future electric and plug-in hybrid BMW i vehicles. This is a further demonstration of our commitment to electromobility.”

The opening of the new BMW i … CONTINUED

01/03/2012    4:03 PM

BMW teases its future BMW i3 smartphone app on its facebook page ahead of the i3′s market launch in 2013.

Looking like something out of tron, the slick looking app will allow monitoring of the i3′s battery charge status, lock/unlock doors from the smartphone, schedule a trip time so that the i3 can thermal precondition ahead of time, and a smart charging mode which presumably sets the i3 to charge when household electricity usage is lowest or most affordable.

There is also a navigation feature with charging station and public transport info.

12/21/2011    11:50 AM

Many of you may remember seeing photos of the BMW i8 and i3 spied at an official BMW photo shoot in downtown Chicago back in August, representing the first real life pics of the i8 and i3 in public.

BMW now shares a making-of video from the Chicago photo session. Click through below for some nice looks at the i8 and i3 on the streets.

12/20/2011    9:06 AM

BMW i, the BMW Group’s e-mobility brand, is pioneering new approaches to marketing. BMW i is implementing innovative online activities and incorporating three new digital channels in its online communications concept through foursquare, Mashable.com and iAd. iAd is Apple’s mobile advertising network, reaching millions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users right in their favourite apps.

BMW i is running an iAd campaign in Europe reaching iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users in Germany, England and France. As launch partner for iAd on iPad in Europe, BMW i will be initiating an innovative campaign, which will exploit the advertising potential of the iPad and open the door to a three-dimensional world of mobility images and experiences. The BMW i3 and BMW i8 concept cars will form the … CONTINUED

11/26/2011    5:00 PM

Interview with the designer of the BMW i3, Richard Kim.

The i3 began life as the Megacity electric project car, but the concept evolved into a purely electric runabout that would be configurable, when it went on sale in 2013, with a gasoline-burning, 3-cylinder range extender.

Without an engine up front — the range extender is in the rear — the hood area could become smaller and the vehicle higher as a wide battery pack on the floor became the key element determining the vehicle’s shape. Computer-generated sketches of the innards of the i3 shown on Wednesday, depicting the passenger module sitting atop the drive module, suggested a stagecoach without horses.

Mr. Kim and his colleagues were charged with making this tall and somewhat gawky form into something that … CONTINUED

11/12/2011    1:30 PM

The BMW i8 and i3 vehicles were shown for the first time in New York at a private press event. The i8 will be a hybrid electric sports car and the i3 will be BMW’s entry into the city EV (electric vehicle) segment. Both strive to offer not just efficiency but performance to boot.

09/14/2011    2:30 PM

The BMW i8 concept and i3 concept vehicles join the long list of BMWs making their public debuts at the Frankfurt IAA. The i8 electric hybrid sports car will launch in 2014 and the i3 electric vehicle launches earlier, in 2013.

P.S., if you look closely, you’ll see that this particular i8 concept vehicle has some early form of the recently announced laser headlight technology.

08/15/2011    1:45 PM

Cars.com recently caught the BMW i8 and i3 concept cars on the streets of Chicago, in the first real life public street pics spotting of BMW’s recently revealed EV and hybrid-electric concept cars.