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06/26/2011    6:15 PM

Perhaps the most highly anticipated BMW 1 Series M Coupe review has finally just aired – in episode 1 of Top Gear’s newest season (Season 17). Jeremy Clarkson takes the helm of the 1M coupe in the review and absolutely loves the car, calling it a brilliant brilliant car! It’s also put into the hands of The Stig for runs around the Top Gear track.

How did the 1M do in the performance measures? Well, it only managed to outdrag the Cayman R and Lotus Evora and beat the M3 CSL around the Top Gear track, with a time of 1:25:00 ! The results are consistent with almost all 1M reviews thus far – that the 1M is a little torque monster and one of the most … CONTINUED

06/22/2011    10:45 AM

Top Gear returns for season 17 this Sunday, the 26th and one of the first features will be their BMW 1M coupe review, the review everyone has been waiting for. It looks like Jeremy Clarkson will be the reviewer so expect plenty of entertainment and extreme opinions, as well as the some great looks at the 1M, as only the Top Gear produces can do.