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12/23/2011    3:00 PM

Paul Walker (of the Fast and Furious movies) is an avid and serious auto enthusiast. His track weapon of choice is an E92 M3 coupe, supercharged by AE Performance and Gintani. After 2 successful years of this car being tracked and pushed to its limit (while breaking records), this M3 will be getting a power upgrade.

Gintani was contacted by the AE performance team and have now started on a Stage 3 build for Paul Walker’s M3. The Stage 3 build will be documented in this M3POST thread so be sure to check in and subscribe to the thread as the entire process (engine removal, tear down, build, install, and completed project).

12/20/2011    5:20 PM

Chris Harris of EVO pits two lightweight motorsports-geared BMW coupes against one another – the M3 GTS and 3.0 CSL

For those not familiar with the 3.0 CSL, it was created in 1972 when BMW needed a machine to make it competitive with Ford in the European Touring Car Championship. As the article points out, “L” stands for for leichtbau, or lightweight. The 3.0 CSL kicked off a line of impressive hardcore road legal BMWs geared for the track. The latest in the lineage is the E92 M3 GTS.

Here are some salient points from Harris regarding the two cars.

12/15/2011    1:45 PM

The 2013 F80 M3 sedan continues public testing, and we’ve just spotted it in Munich. Wearing the same level of camouflage as seen in our previously posted photos and videos, the F80 M3 continues to show off its brawny shape and proportions.

Expected in 2013, the F80 M3 has been conducting road testing since the summer of 2011. Based on the same platform/chassis as the 2012 3 Series sedan (F30), the F80 M3 will powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder engine (inline or V configuration not yet confirmed). The number and type of turbos to be used is a topic of much speculation. Two or three turbos is likely, and could potentially include the use of electric turbo(s).

Regardless of what engine layout is eventually … CONTINUED

12/14/2011    1:20 PM

The VAC Motorsports E92 M3 with VF Engineering VF620 Supercharger has set the quarter mile bar for all E90/E92 M3s around the world. Running at Atco this past weekend, their supercharged E92 M3 coupe put down a mind blowing 10.690 second run @ 129.38 mph!!

The specs of the car are as follows:

2008 M3
VF Engineering VF620 Supercharger Kit
VAC by Fabspeed catless exhaust
APEX 18×10 ARC-8 rear wheels
Mickey Thompson ET Streets (DOT Approved – street legal!)
AR Design Line Lock
No other mods
No nitrous
No meth
Stock engine
93 octane fuel
DOT approved street legal tires

12/09/2011    12:00 PM

Car and Driver pits the BMW E93 M3 coupe against what it calls the M3′s ultimate foe, the Mercedes C63 AMG coupe. Comparing the M3 to the pasty software engineer, Ken Jennings, who kept winning on Jeopardy, and whose success annoys some people by administering beat-downs on some of the world’s best cars, C/D drove from their editorial HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) to find out if  the C63 AMG coupe is the M3’s real-estate agent from Ventura.

See the results inside.

08/11/2009    9:31 AM

A popular mod for M3 owners is an exhaust to match the growl of BMW’s V8. Our M3 exhaust master list now makes it easier, including performance #’s, price, weight, and links to videos and discussion threads.

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07/12/2009    10:25 AM

M3post members gathered yesterday for a E9X M3 mega meet hosted by CEC Miami. Photos and videos of modded M3s galore inside!

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06/20/2009    11:56 AM

Here’s a pretty special M3 delivery. Biglare took delivery of a Brilliant White (special individual color) M3 with a full set of mods already installed! Details inside.

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