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06/19/2012    8:33 AM

Someone at BMW M HQ in Garching has been gabbing and has let on to Bimmerfile that the next generation 2014 F80 M3 may be getting electric power steering instead of the hydraulic power steering that M cars have always been equipped with (even with the latest M5 and M5).

Porsche’s new 911 991 is equipped with EPS which has been praised, which likely gives manufacturers such as BMW hope that a sporty EPS system can be developed for their most sporty cars – the M lineup.

06/18/2012    6:30 PM

iND provides an updated journal on their “Green Hell” E92 M3 coupe.

iND provides an updated journal on their “Green Hell” E92 M3 coupe.

It has been said that with distance comes clarity and focus. Without leaving the planet, our client has traveled one of the greatest distances from our shop that a person can manage: Australia. A total of 9,000 miles and up to two years’ time lie between him and his car, the infamous Green Hell project. IND has been tasked with the responsibility of storing and maintaining Green Hell while it’s owner is taking advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the land Down Under. We are honored and fortunate to be able to take care of such an iconic creation.

With this … CONTINUED

06/18/2012    3:00 PM

The M3 CRT sounds off with its amazing sounding factory exhaust system with titanium mufflers, in this rare listen at the M3 CRT. Afterall, there were only 67 M3 CRTs made total, worldwide.

06/14/2012    8:00 AM

The Turner Motorsport Girls get a hot lap of Mid-Ohio in one of the BMW Performance Driving School E92 M3 coupes. Their on-track chauffeur is Matt Mullins, Chief Driving Instructor of BMW Performance Driving School in Greenville, South Carolina.

Nice visual and aural delights. Yeah, we’re talking about the M3 of course!

06/13/2012    11:30 AM

Four award-winners spanning a displacement range of 1.6 to 4.0 litres – BMW Group again emerges as the most successful auto manufacturer in the internationally renowned engine contest.

Unbeaten titleholders and triumphant newcomers have secured the BMW Group’s renewed pre-eminence at the 2012 International Engine of the Year Awards. Powerplants guaranteeing efficient power delivery in current BMW and MINI models topped no fewer than four out of eight displacement categories. The quartet of trophy-winners comprised two four-cylinder engines, a straight-six and an eight-cylinder. Scooping up best-in-class wins were the 1.6-litre turbo unit of the MINI John Cooper S, the four-cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology that drives the new BMW 328i, among others, the straight-six with M TwinPower Turbo of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, … CONTINUED

06/11/2012    1:00 PM

Olympic Gold medalist Usain Bolt can run fast, but can’t seem to drive fast very well? He and his E92 M3 were again involved in an accident in Half-Way-Tree, St. Andrew over the weekend.

Information on what led to the crash is unknown however several photographs show that the front end of a BMW motorcar driven by Bolt suffered damage. Nevertheless, Bolt escaped serious injury when he crashed his motorcar.

This is the second accident in recent years that Bolt has been involved in. In 2009 he crashed his BMW M3 into a ditch in the vicinity of the Vineyards Toll Plaza along Highway 2000. The car flipped a few times before landing upside down.

06/10/2012    6:00 PM

Some beautiful photos of some serious M hardware, an E30 M3 with S38 M5 engine swap and an ESS Supercharged E92 M3 coupe. Here are some details on the cars.

Updated with more info on E30: Job started late Nov 2010 started on the engine swap we have dropped in 1992 BMW ///M5 (E28) S38 3.6l engine. *not e36 m3 * We striped this motor all the way down the block and converted to 3.8l stroker, ported the block for stroker build high compression all new parts pistons, lifters, valves and cams by vac motorsports and a used polished crank 3.8l from germany and much more, the head outlet is ported and inlet is also ported and polished so engine is like brand new. Also … CONTINUED

06/04/2012    3:30 PM

This is a project that many M3POST members have been following for quite some while now. It’s the build process and results for a low compression option for the M3 S65 engine which allows it to run a 10:1 compression ratio (compared to factory 12:1 ratio). And why is that a good thing? The lower compression ratio allows the use of higher boost (via supercharger) safely on pump fuel.

05/31/2012    12:05 PM

We’ve previously posted preliminary information and photos of the special edition frozen BMW M3 and M5 M Performance Editions, but now here’s the full official release information and gallery from BMW UK.

Two exclusive new M Performance Editions for the BMW M3 and BMW M5 are being built by BMW M GmbH solely for the UK market. Just thirty of each model will be available costing £74,080 OTR for the M3 M Performance Edition and the M5 M Performance Edition is priced at £95,140 OTR.

Showcasing BMW Individual, these M Performance Editions will bring three new Frozen paint colours to the UK for the first time; BMW Individual Japan Red with a Frozen Red wrap, BMW Individual Frozen White and BMW Individual Frozen Blue. All are on sale … CONTINUED