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03/09/2010    12:25 PM

For the first time ever in the US, you can purchase authentic BMW Motorsport parts at select BMW centers, including parts from the E92 M3 GT4, E46 M3, E36 M3, 2008 Z4, and E90 320si. Parts include Akra exhaust, AP brakes, Sachs (F)/Ohlins (R) dampers, BBS wheels, and many more!

12/28/2009    3:30 PM

Some great detailed photos of the M3 GT4, which runs in an amateur racing series with emphasis on carryover of production parts, reduced running costs, and high reliability. Notable changes to the stock M3 include carbon fiber fuel tank, front brake cooling channels, strut suspension, AP racing brakes, Akrapovic full exhaust.

11/02/2009    4:02 PM

Here is info on the upcoming lightweight performance M3 called M3 GT4 Street / M3 GT. As a teaser, it laps the ring in 7:40!! Full details inside.

10/14/2009    9:30 AM

With the E46 M3 CSL, people have been given a look into what BMW could do when it turned its direction towards lightweight and efficiency over the base M3.

With the introduction of the E92, many of you may remember all the buzz and talk about a possible E92M3 CSL. Remember the red test car?

BMW a year later shot down those rumors of a CSL and ruled the car out. However, today MotorAuthority has put up these new pictures of a seemingly striped down M3 wearing some racing gear around the ring. As they point out, BMW has suggested that they would put a street version of the GT4 into … CONTINUED