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10/14/2009    9:30 AM

With the E46 M3 CSL, people have been given a look into what BMW could do when it turned its direction towards lightweight and efficiency over the base M3.

With the introduction of the E92, many of you may remember all the buzz and talk about a possible E92M3 CSL. Remember the red test car?

BMW a year later shot down those rumors of a CSL and ruled the car out. However, today MotorAuthority has put up these new pictures of a seemingly striped down M3 wearing some racing gear around the ring. As they point out, BMW has suggested that they would put a street version of the GT4 into … CONTINUED

10/01/2009    8:06 AM

Following the Competition Limited Edition M6, BMW also decided to offer another limited edition for the E9x M3 painted in Frozen Grey Metallic. Here are the first pictures of an E92 painted in said stunning color:

Attachment 311182

Attachment 311183

Attachment 311184

Attachment 311185

Attachment 311186

Attachment 311187

[source: www.m-forum.de]

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09/21/2009    10:47 PM

BMW Individual colors are a rare sight owing to their price & custom order nature, but oh are they worth it. This Ruby Black M3 is proof.

09/19/2009    3:55 PM

We’ve seen some quickly modified cars, but rarely have we seen a member’s car modified this quickly! Check out this M3post member’s M3 four-day conversion.

09/14/2009    7:23 AM

After producing its monster V10 E89 Z4 and E91 3-series, Manhart is back with more V10 madness, this time in the form of the M3 E92 coupe! Some specs on the Manhart E92 M3, with press release below:
550hp V10 from M5/M6 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds 208mph top speed 7-speed SMG transmission DME steering system Titanium exhaust – 84mm / 3.3" exhaust pipes speed limiter removed Bilstein coilovers 20" BBS Challenge R wheels Front and rear spoilers Rear diffuser Alcantara / leather upholstery and steering wheel BMW Performance Steering Wheel


Manhart Racing – BMW M3 E92 5.0 V10 SMG

Porsche Chaser!

The current M3 generation … CONTINUED

09/09/2009    8:32 AM

Although E30 in body only, this V10 E30 M3 build is something to behold! It borrows liberally from modern BMWs, including the current M5 and even the E90.

08/11/2009    9:31 AM

A popular mod for M3 owners is an exhaust to match the growl of BMW’s V8. Our M3 exhaust master list now makes it easier, including performance #’s, price, weight, and links to videos and discussion threads.

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08/02/2009    8:44 PM

ESS previews its monster 600hp and 650hp M3 supercharger kits. Tune into the thread for updates and info.

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07/24/2009    11:50 PM

A member’s M3 will be rewrapped in vinyl. Help him pick from orange, green, red, or a color you’ve always wanted on an M3.

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