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07/16/2012    7:00 AM

The ///M Flight members from BIMMERPOST cruised together this past weekend to to visit Manhart Racing Zentrale in Wuppertal, Germany during the tuning company’s open house.

They rolled out of Kaiserslautern seven cars deep at around 0730 and spent about 3.5hrs due to traffic and the weather traveling only 190miles (mind you this is Germany and with their autobahns it should be no more than 2 hrs). They were met at the location by another 8 ///M Flight members from other parts of Germany. The weather as can be seen in the pictures was not the greatest, but they still enjoyed themselves. It would rain profusely, and then sun would come out, and then rain and shine on and on throughout the day. ///M Flight meet at … CONTINUED

12/22/2011    5:00 PM

Manhart has revealed their latest creation – the MH3 V8 RS Biturbo Clubsport E92 M3, which features some pretty radical performance and cosmetic upgrades.

In fact, Manhart has done away with the M3′s factory S65 engine altogether and drops in the 4.4L biturbo V8 engine (S63) from the X6M / X5M! Power was then bumped up from the factory 555hp to a whopping 750hp and 671lb-ft torque! To achieve this impressive gain in power, the S63 turbos were modified, air intake replaced, and pistons/rods reinforced. The car’s 6-speed automatic transmission also comes via the X6M / X5M.

Other performance upgrades include a MOVIT BBK (396×34 mm rotors / 6 pot calipers and 380×32 mm rotors / 4 pot calipers) and a full titanium exhaust system featuring 80mm exhaust … CONTINUED