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11/01/2010    8:00 AM

AR Design provides an update on its single turbo N54 kit, and the power numbers have gone up as expected. The latest dyno results are inside, corrected for 5700ft elevation.

10/25/2010    4:05 PM

Single turbo kits have been the vaporware of the N54 tuning world – often started but seldomly finished. AR Design gives hope with preliminary results of their single turbo N54 which has hit 444whp@15psi on a Mustang dyno, all on pump gas and no other FI methods!

08/16/2010    8:30 PM

Another N54 turbo upgrade is underway. The specific upgrade plan has not yet been determined, but upgraded turbine and compressor wheel, bearing and waste gate are being considered. We hope this project will be an exception and see a successful ending. Be sure to subscribe and follow the project.