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11/09/2009    11:31 AM

With just a few more weeks to go until the November 23 unveil of the new F10 5-series, BMW has released this teaser.

10/26/2009    3:54 PM

Coming on the heels of this morning’s latest revealing F10 5-series spy photos are these pics of the F10′s almost fully uncovered interior!

10/26/2009    6:54 AM

The guys over at autowereld.com have snagged some new photos of the same black F10 previously caught hiding behind a fenced BMW lot (http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314317). But now the car is on the roads, and is looking low slung and sleek. The sleekest midsize sedan Ive ever seen to be honest. Expect some more camo to some off next week!

Source: http://www.autowereld.com/spyshots/d…euwe%20BMW%205

Attachment 318994

Attachment 318995

Attachment 318996

Attachment 318997

Attachment 318998

10/22/2009    8:01 AM

Heres a black F10 5-series with less camoflage and some latest shots of the interior.

10/20/2009    8:55 PM

Seen here are the most revealing F10 5-series photos yet. The strip tease continues and this test car sports the least camoflage to date. Shes shaping up to be a beauty folks!!

Attachment 317360

Attachment 317361

Attachment 317362

Attachment 317363

Attachment 317364

From Motorauthority: http://www.motorauthority.com/pictur…ry-1#100231338

10/08/2009    8:37 AM

Here’s another round of F10 5-series sighting, and some fresh pics. Although no less camoflage on this car, the rear lighting elements can be seen clearly, as well as the general shape and lines of the F10′s rear.

08/15/2009    10:55 AM

These are the newest spyshots yet of the upcoming F10 5-series, this time of a 550i FEP car.

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07/23/2009    10:29 AM

This image by Huckfeldt is said to be the closest resemblance yet (very close, in fact) to the real thing. If true, I love the look and am happy to see that the front kidney grills have been scaled down in size to fit the smaller F10 5-series sedan/tourings front fascia (compared to the overall larger sized 5-series GT model). Checking this image against the F10 bumper found on ebay (photo below), its easy to believe that this image is indeed close to the final thing

Attachment 288953

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