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05/12/2010    8:38 PM

I run across prototype X series vehicles being tested in the mountains all the time and came across this X3 a few week ago. I outpaced my M5 through 3rd gear numerous times and it was hell to keep up with in the twisties that I know fairly well. Im no slouch with much track time and the M5 has H&R/Koni SAs. I dont know what engine they had in it but it was a bullet.

05/09/2010    6:13 PM


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Note To Self: Dont leave camouflaged prototypes parked with the engine running next to Central Park in Manhattan. Just a week after a failed car bomb attempt in Times Square, Manhattan is understandably still a bit jittery. An apparent error in judgement by Martin Birkmann, head of product planning for BMW North America, reportedly triggered a bomb scare and the resulting evacuation of several blocks along Central Park West near the American Museum of Natural History this afternoon.

Birkmann was out evaluating a prototype 2011 BMW X3 covered in camouflage when he stopped to enjoy a … CONTINUED

05/05/2010    10:00 AM

The second generation BMW X3 is due to be shown off fairly soon, atleast on the internet. This has been a car a long time in the making and there are many anxious fans out there waiting to see what the car will delivery stylisticly, technically and from a quality standpoint. These are areas the car was deemed to be subpar when compared to the rest of the BMW lineup, and so BMW has given alot of attention to the car to bring improvements to market. For now, we have these renders to go by until the official pictures are released.

05/05/2010    8:00 AM

There will be a new generation of BMW X3 that will be revealed in early 2011. Somehow, this model will be a direct competition with Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and probably the forthcoming Land Rover LRX.

BMW X3 has struggled to match the sales of BMW X5, though BMW has still sold more than 600,000 units globally since the model was initially launched in 2003.

The engines that will be use by BMW X3 include four and six cylinder turbo diesels and a 3.0-litre turbocharged six cylinder gasoline engine that similar to the one on BMW 535i Gran Turismo. The gearbox mated with the engine is likely to be the ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox as well.

The overall size of the car will be slightly bigger as BMW aims … CONTINUED

04/20/2010    1:45 PM

We bring you the first ever video of the upcoming 2011 BMW X3 (Chassis: F25) in prototype form, testing on the streets of Germany. The video gives us some nice size and shape perspective against other cars on the road and we can clearly see the front bumper design, grills, and headlamp shape, as well as the profile shape, and side windows.

Production of the new X3 is to be moved to South Carolina in the newly expanded plant alongside the other X vehicles.

The car itself is built upon a shared platform with the next generation 3-series (F30) and since the X3 will be released before the next generation 3-series it will … CONTINUED

04/07/2010    4:30 PM

We bring you the best photos yet of the X3 test car. While it’s the same white X3 as we previously posted, this set of photos represent new angles and clearer images than ever. We think that the new X3 is shaping up to be a vast improvement in looks (and hopefully everything else) over the outgoing X3.

04/03/2010    7:00 AM

Jon Sibal has basically uncovered the upcoming 2011 X3 by the magic of photoshop. Using the spy photos posted this week, he has virtually peeled back all of the X3′s remaining camouflage to reveal what we believe is a very accurate impression of what the production X3 will look like.

03/30/2010    8:40 AM

In a seeming reply from BMW about all the complaints over the flat black unpainted front bumper element seen on all the previously spied X3 prototypes so far, this new set of photos shows off the car with a painted lower front bumper element and a silver middle intake trim piece. This is likely the format that the US spec X3 would come with. Black tape still covers two slat areas above the brake duct intakes and is reminscent of the chrome accents seen on the 7-Series M-Sport, an additional trim piece may go in this spot further highlighting the front end design.

At the rear, the rear tailights shape has been revealed which is themed heavily … CONTINUED

03/27/2010    4:00 PM

Ahead of its expected debut in just a few short months, the 2011 X3 test mules appear to have increased their testing on public roads. All the better for us as we now have even more photos of the soon to be slightly upmarketed X3. This particular one comes in a reddish tone.