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03/27/2010    4:00 PM

Ahead of its expected debut in just a few short months, the 2011 X3 test mules appear to have increased their testing on public roads. All the better for us as we now have even more photos of the soon to be slightly upmarketed X3. This particular one comes in a reddish tone.

02/22/2010    11:00 AM

We bring you these newest spy photos of upcoming 2011 BMW X3 (F25) spotted for the first time with only tape camouflage. The car is now more fully revealed as we can clearly see the front bumper design, grills, and headlamp shape, as well as the profile shape, side windows, and rear tail light shape. Overall, it appears to be an improvement in looks over the current outgoing X3 model.

Production of the new X3 is to be moved to South Carolina in the newly expanded plant alongside the other X vehicles.

The car itself is built upon a shared platform with the next generation 3-series (F30) and since the X3 will be released before the next generation … CONTINUED

12/11/2009    8:23 AM

Joining its brethern (the 3-series and 1-series) the next generation X3 has also been caught starting its cold weather testing cycle. It seems X3 development has been slowed down a little (because of the success of the X1 as some rumors have it). As you may remember this X3 has been under development for quite a long time now, far longer then the next 1-Series and 3-Series.

Credits to spyshots.nl for the photos: