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07/01/2010    7:02 PM

Here is the first officially released stunning concept image of the upcoming Megacity vehicle, an all electric “city car.” The BMW Megacity is expected to enter production sometime in 2013. Pictured here is a 4 seater car powered by a rear mounted electric motor (running on batteries). To minimize weight, the Megacity vehicle will feature extensive use of carbon firber reinforced plastics.

More photos shortly.

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04/22/2010    3:45 PM

BMW has announced that its all-electric “Megacity Vehicle” line will launc in 2013. This line of vehicles was designed from the ground up to be fully electric vehicles and will be significantly lighter than conventional cars with heavy use of carbon fiber. It will be a zero-emission urban car for the world’s metropolitan regions. It is currently being developed as part of project i and will be available from 2013 under a sub-brand of BMW.

01/31/2010    3:22 PM

According to Auto Motor Und, BMW is expanding its lineup with 2 small models in 2014 – a “Mini” BMW and the BMW City car. The “Mini” BMW will compete with the Mercedes A class and upcoming Audi A1 with a 3 cylinder engine good for 90-170 hp. The other is what the mag is calling “BMW City / Mega City” and is being developed under Project i, BMWs city car and super efficient car program. It’s 4 meters, seats 4, is lighweight, powered by 167hp/250tq electric engine which has range of 160km. This car will have a two seat version as well.