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02/18/2012    5:45 PM

Site member and owner of a new Silverstone II M5 (F10) shares with us some photos of his new beast, along with some emotional words on his experience so far with the new M5. Read on to see what a Ferrari F430 owner thinks of BMW’s newest F10 M5 model.

07/05/2011    2:55 PM

A site member brings us the first photos of a completely revealed silverstone F10 M5. So far, the M5 has only been shown in production form in the Monte Carlo Blue color.

05/13/2011    1:12 AM

Here is another video from a recent sighting on the LA freeways of the F10 M5 in Silverstone color. Even with the camouflage tape, the presence that the F10 M5 has on the road is undeniable.