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12/08/2009    12:01 PM

The NCAP has awarded a full 5 star crash test rating to the BMW X1. Here are the X1s full crash test results, details and video.

Attachment 332772

Attachment 332773

Attachment 332774

11/16/2009    9:43 AM

Autoweek provides one of the first few english based reviews of the BMW X1 SUV. Here is their full reaction.

09/29/2009    8:33 AM

Production of the BMW X1 has begun for the European market, for deliveries starting next month. The US will get the X1 in 2011.

09/12/2009    10:16 PM

The BMW X1 is set to be a hit for BMW in the compact SUV market, especially in europe where a presense in this market is becoming more and more important.

Since September 1st, 2009 the plant has begun churning out 75 of these cars per day, which will ramp up to 300 per day at the end of the year.

The folks at the IAA blog bring us exclusive pictures of the X1 being produced in the plant.

Please visit the IAA blog for the complete set of photos here: http://www.iaablog.com/stories/ein-e…on-des-bmw-x1/

09/09/2009    3:45 PM

The BMW X1 Catalog is now available in an interactive flash format, with specs, facts and images. Also features audio and video.

09/02/2009    1:43 PM

New BMW X1 promotional video featuring the same fun, young, and vibrant theme as other X1 spots. Also new driving footage.

08/12/2009    8:54 AM

We bring you the very first BMW X1 commercial, with a young, fun, and fresh feel to it, clearly aimed at the younger demographic.

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08/01/2009    12:50 PM

BMWwebTV has released this new X1 video on its youtube channel. The narrator, with the help of a translated interview with Peter Krist, Head of Project BMW X1 explains the exterior and interior design philosophies behind the upcoming X1. Great driving footage in the video.

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06/28/2009    4:47 PM

Here is the first leaked photo from BMW’s brochure for the upcoming X1 SAV. Expect a full leak or lifting of the embargo shortly!

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