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09/20/2011    2:25 PM

It’s been speculated that BMW will introduce a version of the F25 X3 which has been breathed upon by BMW M GmbH. The rumored timetable for the X3 M release is sometime in 2012, although no prototypes have yet been spotted.

An X3 M would be an important car not just because it represents another M model, but because it would likely provide a preview of the next generation F80 / F82 M3′s powerplant. The X3M would likely represent the introduction of a new turbocharged 6 cylinder motor which will also power the next generation M3 (but at a higher power output in the M3). This brings to mind the relationship between the S63 engine in the X5M and the modified S63Tu in the F10 M5 sedan.


07/08/2011    11:10 AM

Latest rumor from Insider SCOTT26 provides further insight on the upcoming X3M, as well as the development of a X1M, X4, and X2. Read the full details inside.

05/24/2011    10:02 AM

Coming Soon, the BMW X3M SAV. With BMW’s recent surge in product expansion, the rumor has naturally floated around that they would produce an M version of its most compact SAV, especially given the fact that they already make M versions of the bigger and heavier X5 and X6 SAV’s. Fair enough, but no prototypes have been seen driving around, no leaked bumpers on eBay. Nada.

But now, CARMagazine, citing some very well placed sources, is stating that the X3M is going to launch in 2012. Not only will it be a whole new M vehicle, but they believe it will use the many times rumored tri-turbo engine.

This immediatly begs the question, would BMW M engineer a whole new engine just for the X3 M? Mostly … CONTINUED

10/14/2010    5:00 PM

Here is the first official sketch preview of the upcoming BMW X4. The sketch features the rear view of the X4 concept and reveals a sleek SAV with many of the design aspects already mentioned by BMW insiders.

10/13/2010    1:28 PM

At a marketing presentation with the F25 X3 project leader, it was revealed that the BMW X4 Concept will be presented sometime next year, with production in 2013-2014. The X3 lineup may also be expanded soon with an X3 M, xDrive35is, and Active Hybrid versions.

08/16/2010    11:00 AM

What does the future of the BMW X portfolio hold? According to insider Scott26, BMW is keen on a potential X4 (think smaller X6) which shares technology with the X3, an X3 35iS sharing engine from z4 35iS and 335iS, and an X3M with motor from upcoming 1M Coupe.