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10/15/2009    8:56 AM

Want to see an SUV perform like you’ve never seen? Check out this Edmunds X5M performance test video!

10/08/2009    5:00 PM

On the heels of their X6M test, Insideline proclaims “It’s hard to imagine a more complete high-performance SUV package than the 2010 BMW X5 M.”

09/22/2009    7:27 PM

With all the changes to the BMW X lineup in the last 6-12 months it seems as tho the current X5 has been left behind a little bit. Not that we are all for such a rapid turnover in design tweaks, nevertheless it seems as tho every X car is either being completly redone or refreshed. So it does make sense that the bread and butter X5 not be treated as a second class citizen and get some updates as well. These photos fairly clearly show that the car will recieve the X6 face but with some tweaks to the bumper that makes it a bit more fitting to the X5 chassis.

Attachment 308636


09/11/2009    2:44 PM

To commemorate the X5′s 10th birthday, BMW has released the X5 xDrive 10-year Commemorative Edition, limited to only 2,000 cars.

06/03/2009    5:05 PM

M Power Tour allows you to experience the 2009 M3 via a 25 min street test drive, and check out the ///M X5 & M6.

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