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03/17/2013    3:31 PM

Velos Designwerks presents its revised X5 M. In beautiful factory Monte Carlo Blue with Black Solo V Wheels, this X5 M not only features the looks, but also a Stage 2 Performance Software yielding an additional 120 lb ft of torque and 90 HP.

09/21/2010    4:10 PM

German tuner Mansory, tuner of high end German and Italian marques, has unveiled its first BMW – the Mansory BMW X5M. This highly customized X5 M features both performance upgrades and visual enhancements. Details and photos inside.

The full replacement front bumper features aggressive air inlets even larger than those on the factory X5M bumper. Carbon fiber lips and LED lights finish off the front bumper’s new look. The front fenders have been widened by 70mm (2.75 in.) and receive aggressive vents on top to match the new vents on the lightweight replacement hood, as well as vents behind wheel well.

The sideskirts are also replaced by Mansory versions which protude more aggressively to better tie together the widened front and rear fenders. The rear fenders have … CONTINUED

08/14/2010    10:00 PM

How often do you see a “truck” accelerating this fast, with the needle moving revving so quickly, and sounding this good? Probably never, unless you’re looking at an X5M or X6M and its monster S63 motor. Check out this very visceral video of the X5M from outside and inside.