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03/14/2012    11:20 AM

The Ultimate Drive App for the iPhone and Android devices (http://www.ultimatedriveapp.com or www.facebook.com/BMWUSA?sk=app_199134910131531 ) can now lead BMW Financial Services customers to not only some great roads across the U.S., but today through June 30, 2012 it can lead to a BMW dealer, a test drive and a $300 credit towards the first payment on a new 2012 BMW 3 Series.

“This is a simple thank you to our loyal BMW Financial Services customers while at the same time demonstrating the inclusive nature of the Financial Services community as shown by our Ultimate Driving App,” explained Ed Robinson, CEO and president of BMW Financial Services. “The iPhone and Android-device application, which can be linked to a BMW Financial Services customer’s account, has been providing a forum to … CONTINUED

01/25/2012    11:05 AM

BMW already has plans to install touchscreen fabric in future models, according to New Scientist.

Researchers at the Polytechnic School in Montreal have developed a flexible polymer-based fiber with electrical properties that can be woven into existing fabrics. Imagine all the creative ways this would allow BMW to elegantly replace physical buttons or controls for a more minimalist look to the interior.

“In essence we are trying to reproduce the smartphone experience in textile form,” says researcher Maksim Skorobogatiy of the Polytechnic School in Montreal, Canada.

“We are looking for applications where we can weave in sleek, non-invasive control, avoiding blocks of push buttons.

The electrical properties change depending on where the fabric is touched, and finger touches or slides on different areas can be programmed to control air-conditioning or … CONTINUED

01/25/2012    8:30 AM

The new BMW 6 Series Coupe is equipped with a special Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system. Watch the developement, production, and implementation of this sound system in the 6 series.

More details on the 6 series Bang & Olufsen sound system:

Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System delivers an unparalleled audio experience.

When it comes to delivering audio pleasure of the highest order, the Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System designed especially for the new BMW 650i Coupe hits all the right notes. Jointly developed by the Danish audio specialists and BMW, this system produces an exceptionally natural sound from 16 speakers distributed around the cabin. It is a fully active system featuring digital signal processing, which means the two bass speakers, seven mid-range speakers … CONTINUED

01/03/2012    4:03 PM

BMW teases its future BMW i3 smartphone app on its facebook page ahead of the i3′s market launch in 2013.

Looking like something out of tron, the slick looking app will allow monitoring of the i3′s battery charge status, lock/unlock doors from the smartphone, schedule a trip time so that the i3 can thermal precondition ahead of time, and a smart charging mode which presumably sets the i3 to charge when household electricity usage is lowest or most affordable.

There is also a navigation feature with charging station and public transport info.

12/21/2011    2:15 PM

BMW today announced that users of BMW Online in the US can now access Yelp in their vehicles. With Yelp on-board, customers can search for everything from the best local restaurants and boutiques to parking garages and banks. They are able to see ratings for those businesses while hearing reviews read out to them via the vehicle’s text-to-speech feature. With the recent update to BMW Online’s layout, BMW can seamlessly add new features (known as “applications”) as they become available. Yelp is the first such application and there will be more to follow.

Customers who subscribe to the optional BMW Assist Convenience Plan and have a navigation-equipped vehicle capable of receiving the BMW Online service will be able to add the service today, without having to make … CONTINUED

12/20/2011    9:06 AM

BMW i, the BMW Group’s e-mobility brand, is pioneering new approaches to marketing. BMW i is implementing innovative online activities and incorporating three new digital channels in its online communications concept through foursquare, Mashable.com and iAd. iAd is Apple’s mobile advertising network, reaching millions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users right in their favourite apps.

BMW i is running an iAd campaign in Europe reaching iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users in Germany, England and France. As launch partner for iAd on iPad in Europe, BMW i will be initiating an innovative campaign, which will exploit the advertising potential of the iPad and open the door to a three-dimensional world of mobility images and experiences. The BMW i3 and BMW i8 concept cars will form the … CONTINUED

12/01/2011    9:45 AM

BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announce that they today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) concerning a mid-to-long-term collaboration on next-generation environment-friendly technologies.

Under the MOU, the two companies agreed on a collaborative research in the field of next-generation lithium-ion battery technologies. Furthermore, they have agreed to identify and discuss other possible collaborative projects.

In addition, Toyota Motor Europe (TME), TMC’s European subsidiary, and BMW Group have entered into a contract under which BMW Group is to supply 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter diesel engines to TME starting in 2014. The engines will be installed in certain Toyota-produced vehicles planned for sale in the European market. Through this agreement, Toyota plans to expand its European lineup and sales of fuel-efficient, low CO2-emission diesel-powered vehicles.

Marking the announcement, … CONTINUED

11/23/2011    8:00 AM

BMW and Hyundai have joined global tech firms Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman to create the OPEN (One-Pair Ether-Net) Alliance special interest group, whose goal is to develop future generation ethernet-based automotive networking and connectivity.

Specifically, the group’s goal is to promote adoption of ethernet based connectivity as the standard for future generations of cars.

The group encourages the adoption of Broadcom’s BroadR-Reach cable as – specifically developed for automotive applications, as the open standard. This technology allows transmission of up to 100 Mbps over a single unshieled wire. Not only does this speed up in car networking and connectivity, but it should eliminate internal networking cabling, hopefully shaving a few pounds off a vehicle’s weight in the process.

For automakers like BMW, the increased networking/connectivity speeds should improve … CONTINUED

11/01/2011    9:55 AM

Turbochargers are a popular technology in the automotive world as of late. It allows rather low displacement engines to have relatively high power outputs, while also managing to return fairly good fuel consumption figures (on paper).

Despite the technology being decades old, some of its drawbacks could still be improved upon. One of these issues is the well-known problem of turbo size. A smaller turbine spools up quicky but runs out of steam at higher revs while a bigger turbine offers enough power at high revs but often is too slow at lower revs which results in turbo lag.

BMW has now patented its own idea on how to address these issues, and it involves the use of an often rumored “electric turbocharger”.

We reported before that BMW has … CONTINUED