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10/12/2011    8:00 AM

BMW drivers are the first in the world to benefit from an advanced traffic information system giving fast, accurate and reliable data about road conditions on their journeys. Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) is an enhanced BMW ConnectedDrive feature designed to increase the comfort and peace of mind of BMW owners.

The system is available on all new BMW models and comes at no additional cost when customers order the BMW Professional navigation system and Bluetooth telephone preparation with telematics. As a further benefit, BMW drivers can also view RTTI remotely when planning their routes within their BMW Routes website. This portal can be accessed by any internet-enabled device.

Information updated every three minutes
For many years BMW ConnectedDrive technology has pioneered the automotive industry, establishing benchmark solutions … CONTINUED

10/05/2011    9:04 PM

Steve Jobs and his Apple products have forever changed and advanced consumer electronics, including in our beloved BMWs.

Late model BMWs have seen everything from iPod and iPhone integration into BMW ConnectedDrive’s music, phone, and navigation functions, to many BMW related apps being developed specifically for the iPhone and iPad, to specific seatback mounts for the iPad. iPads are also much in use at BMW dealerships, most recently being integrated into processes such as lease returns.

Jobs has surely left a legacy we will all continue to experience with our BMWs. May he RIP.

10/05/2011    5:30 PM

BMW Innovation Days will highlight many technological developments currently underway for future BMW models. These include technologies such as Dynamic Light Spot, Last Lights, Proactive Connectivity, BMW Apps, Infotainment Assistant, LTE over-the-air high-speed internet, Augmented Reality, Gesture recognition, and Intelligent navigation.

10/01/2011    11:00 AM

Patent litigation seems to be all the rage these days among technology companies. Technology titans such as Apple, Google, and Samsung are all mired in patent litigation in efforts to block their competition from entering certain markets or selling certain products.

Unfortunately, this has now extended to technology used in automobiles – in this case, BMW and Audi. You see, BMW and Audis make use of the German company Osram’s LED lighting technology – technology which the LG Group, a South Korean company, alleges to infringe on its patents. Specifically, LG is claiming that Osram has infringed “on LG-owned patents such as LED chips and packaging technologies that are widely used in LED light bulbs and cars.” LG is therefore seeking of a complete block of BMWs … CONTINUED

09/24/2011    3:30 PM

BMW provides a look into the development of their prototype microNavigation which provides an even more detailed guide and navigation experience than the current generation of navigation software. The goal is to provide a detailed guide from your origin to a destination as precise as a specific parking garage level.

09/20/2011    12:45 PM

With the proliferation of mobile technology, BMW Financial Services now provides account functionality via smartphones. Customers now have the ability to make payments and monitor their account status from their phones. BMW Financial Services provides a web-based solution for customers to access common account requests, which functions on all leading smartphone platforms.

The new BMW Financial Services Mobile Website is web-based and requires no installation. The mobile website runs in a browser, whereas typical applications need to be downloaded and installed to run on a mobile device. After a secure log-in from a smartphone, customers have access to:

• Make a payment
• Obtain a payoff quote
• View recent activity
• View payment history

“Quite simply, we’re focused on access and mobility,” said Steve Swecker, general manager of sales operations for … CONTINUED

09/14/2011    5:00 AM

Individual mobility is increasingly defined in terms of sustainability. The BMW Group has taken on the challenges of a rapidly changing world and is now developing serial production solutions to meet the mobility needs of the future. As an integrated part of the BMW Group, BMW Motorrad is also addressing issues of individual single-track mobility and future customer needs. In this connection, BMW Motorrad is expanding its business activities to include a new facet: that of “Urban Mobility”.
Building on almost 90 years of experienced in the field of motorised two-wheel vehicles, BMW Motorrad is drawing on the conceptual benefits of single-track vehicles to develop innovative solutions, adding a new dimension to the area of urban commuting.
Before the end of this year, BMW Motorrad will establish its … CONTINUED

09/01/2011    4:50 PM

SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers (SGL ACF) – a joint venture of SGL Group and the BMW Group – today officially opened its new state-of-the-art carbon fiber manufacturing plant in Moses Lake, WA. The new facility is strategic for the manufacture of ultra light-weight carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for use in the new BMW i vehicles.

The two parent companies will invest approximately $100 million in their Moses Lake plant and create 80 new local jobs until 2013. In order to prepare the large scale production start of BMW i vehicles in 2013 it is important to start the carbon fiber manufacturing now. All electricity needed for the production of carbon fibers will come from readily available clean and renewable local hydropower.

Thanks to the emission-free drivetrain and … CONTINUED

09/01/2011    8:45 AM

Following the introduction of the full LED headlight, laser light is the next logical step in the development of vehicle headlight technology. BMW is planning this step, thus further expanding its lead in innovative light technology. As a globally successful carmaker within the premium segment, the BMW Group attaches the utmost importance to advanced technology in all sectors of automotive manufacturing. Exclusive innovations and technological leaps secure BMW’s lead amongst the competition. In the field of exterior vehicle lights, BMW also leads the way for example with full LED headlamps for the BMW 6 Series and with new developments such as the “Anti-dazzle High- Beam Assistant”, as well as with “Dynamic Light Spot”. The term “Dynamic Light Spot” stands for a marker light system that … CONTINUED