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11/12/2013    11:00 AM

Below are some of the newest video ad spots from BMW, promoting ConnectedDrive and BMWUSA’s Happy New Year sales event.

11/08/2013    5:40 PM


11/04/2013    8:00 AM

Your mother-in-law celebrates her 70th birthday and you’re invited to her coffee party. Watch how BMW ConnectedDrive can help.

10/24/2013    1:00 PM

BMW is launching a new BMW ConnectedDrive campaign with the tagline “So connected, you’re free”. The campaign will run in print, online and TV channels worldwide.

The global communication campaign showcases BMW as one of the world’s leading providers of web-based in-car services and highlights the brand’s innovative power. The campaign demonstrates how easy it is to use ConnectedDrive’s innovative, customer-oriented services and features, and explains the added benefits of BMW ConnectedDrive functions – convenience, safety, entertainment and flexibility.

Steven Althaus, head of Brand Management BMW and Marketing Services BMW Group: “The new campaign places even greater emphasis on our customers. The customer discovers the benefits of many BMW ConnectedDrive services and learns how they work in entertaining short episodes designed to make in-car networking more … CONTINUED

10/16/2013    8:00 AM

See the BMW M Laptimer App in action from Watkins Glen International as BIMMERPOST member wmandra (Bill) takes us on a lap in his BMW E89 Z4 M Sport.

10/11/2013    11:09 AM

BMW’s newest snap-in adapter for the newest smartphones (iPhone5 and Galaxy) is finally available in the U.S.

Please note that it is currently only compatible with the new NBT version of Nav/iDrive and your car will need to have the BMW Apps option. Full details on the newest iPhone 5 snap-in adapter cradle inside.

10/06/2013    4:30 PM

For one day, BMW enables the BMW ConnectedDrive features for other car brands at the IAA motor show 2013. The car driver can interact with BMW ConnectedDrive by honking and flashing.

10/03/2013    5:24 PM

BMW Group Technology Office USA announced today the release of the BMW M Laptimer App. The BMW M Laptimer App is made for BMW Brand vehicles with the BMW Apps option, and is now available in the iTunes Store.

Previewed in June 2013 [see BIMMERPOST preview] and intended for off-road use only, the BMW M Laptimer App records data from a BMW Apps–equipped vehicle’s on-board network and GPS receiver to create comparative track sessions and provide essential performance information. It generates track maps and captures essential driving data including top speed, number of laps, best lap time and ambient temperature. Information is then presented on the scorecard screen when the vehicle is no longer in motion.

The BMW M Laptimer provides highly visual depictions of throttle, speed, … CONTINUED

09/27/2013    12:21 PM

We have both good and bad news on Active Sound technology in the M3/M4. For those unfamiliar, Active Sound technology was first introduced in the M5/M6 and has extended to other models such as the M135i. The system modulates existing frequencies, which are played over the stereo speakers at varying sound levels based on throttle input, speed, and engine revs, as well driving the mode (louder in Sport and Sport+ settings). See BMW’s original press release on this.

So, the bad news is yes, the M3/M4 does feature Active Sound.

But, the good news is that we’ve confirmed with BMW Germany that it’s a live amplification of the S55 engine’s natural sounds. There is no artificially generated sound or pre-recorded track being played. This sound amplification takes … CONTINUED