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04/26/2013    10:45 AM

M135i exhaust comparo put together by 1ADDICTS members, comparing the factory exhaust, BMW M Performance exhaust, and Bastuck exhaust.

04/25/2013    2:57 PM

We had a chance this week to drive a group of F30 335i equipped with the full complement of BMW M Performance Parts. On the performance side, these cars featured M Performance Power Kit (PPK), suspension kit, brakes and exhaust. Cosmetic enhancements include the M Performance front lip spoiler/splitters, sport stripes, carbon fiber mirror caps, black kidney grilles, side-sill decals, 20″ wheels (Style 405M), carbon fiber/alcantara interior and carbon fiber shift lever.


How did the cars perform? With the M Performance Suspension Kit, the 335i handling felt several increments more immediate and responsive, with less roll, squat or dive than a standard 335i. The cars looked great too with the reduced wheel gap. The upgraded brakes held up well lap after lap and session after session … CONTINUED

04/25/2013    12:55 PM

We have added a second video clip featuring the upcoming BMW M Performance Exhaust for the BMW M5 (F10).

04/24/2013    11:25 AM

Alpina trotted out its upcoming B6 Gran Coupe for some Spring time testing and we’ve caught it fitted with Alpina front lip, trunk wing, wheels and exhaust system. The aero parts remain unpainted and no Alpina rear diffuser/bumper has yet been installed.

For an idea of what the specs may be for the B6 Gran Coupe, the 2013 Alpina B6 Coupe features 540hp / 730nm (538 lb-ft) torque, with a top speed of 334 km/h – based on BMW 4.4L V8 motor. How do those specs stack up against the M6 in the performance department? Check out the Sport Auto comparo results below.

04/23/2013    3:57 PM

We were on hand to have a look at the BMW M Performance Exhaust for the F10 M5 and we’re excited to provide our members with the first look, listen and details of this upcoming exhaust system.

The M5 M Performance Exhaust system is titanium construction, 12 feet in length and 33 pounds lighter than the factory M5 exhaust. It will come in two versions – one with titanium steel tips (as pictured below) and a carbon fiber tip version. The titanium tips feature an M engraving and we imagine the carbon fiber may also feature some graphic or emblem. The M5 M Performance Exhaust will of course maintain the car’s factory warranty when it becomes late this year. The M6 will also be receiving the … CONTINUED

04/22/2013    1:45 PM

Another eye catching E92 M3 build by IND, in their words:

Our Portfolio program once again proves my long-held belief that the folks we get to meet through our time at IND are the absolute best single perk of this job. To earn and modify a BMW M3 is no easy task and takes effort and dedication. Each of our clients has an amazing story to tell, and the opportunity to tell their story through their M3 is unique to our industry.

We are pleased to present Jason’s interpretation of the perfect M3. This BMW Individual Signal Green M3 is a reflection of Jason’s passions, experiences, and life, and his personality is clear in every part added.
Jason is no stranger to modified cars, having previously owned a … CONTINUED

04/19/2013    2:55 PM

The F10 M5 LCI model with Competition Package shows off its new power, exhaust, and handling at the Nurburgring.

Official details have not yet been released, but the M5 Competition Package is said to be introducing the following upgrades:

• HP increase (approximately 15hp)
• Top speed increase
• M Carbon Ceramic Brakes
• Sport suspension
• Sport exhaust with black tips
• Enhanced steering
• 20″ competition wheels

04/17/2013    2:58 PM

And now the 700 WHP barrier has (amazingly) been cracked on the N54 engine!

A Vishnu with FFTEC 6466 single turbo 335i has hit 708 WHP.


- Single Turbo – Precision Turbo 6466
- assuming full catless, FBO, 335 6MT
- 100 octane+Meth (700 WHP / 599 WTQ)
- 26 PSI

04/17/2013    11:38 AM

The BMW N54 engine is turning out to be the 2jz engine (Toyota Supra) of this decade. It’s the darling of the BMW aftermarket tuning world and it’s now hit new horsepower heights.

Vargas Turbocharger Technologies has now hit 693 WHP on the N54 platform with its VTT-R63 Stage 3 upgraded turbo package (featuring Garrett turbos) for the E90/E92 3 Series. This was with a PTF Pro-Tuned COBB Flash on 98 Octane and NO Methanol.

- Upgraded Twin Turbos – Garrett GTX-R63
- catless, FBO, 335 6MT
- 98 Octane (673 WHP / 564 WTQ)
- 98 Octane+Meth (693 WHP / 572 WTQ)
- 30 PSI

Check out the full details and dyno plot inside.