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06/18/2011    2:25 PM

Wald has released photos of its black “Black Bison” edition. This follows their previous white Black Bison edition model.

06/13/2011    1:00 PM

This past saturday, the German Tuner magazine Sport Auto held their annual Tuner GP at Hockenheim Grand Prix raceway. This yearly event pits tuners from all over Europe against each other to see who is the best for bragging rights and with the victory comes added exposure for those shops in the winners circle. The TechTec BMW 1M coupe with its Akrapovic prototype exhaust, KW suspension, and 443hp, took 3rd place in the competition, behind a Lotus Exige and supercharged E46 M3.

06/12/2011    11:30 AM

Check out this potent custom built widebody E30, making over 800 RWHP with its built S52 motor and 800mm Bullseye topmount turbo. That kind of power rockets it down the quarter mile in 9.53 @ 154.7mph. And yes, that is a parachute attached!

06/11/2011    2:30 PM

3D Design introduces their newest demo car for North America, with some acknowledgement of the recent tragic events in Japan. 3D Design partnered with key players in the US and Germany (including our sponsors WSTO and IND) to create their new car, with each company contributing to the car

06/09/2011    11:10 AM

Shortly after BMW released the 1M, it debuted the 1M SafetyCar for the MotoGP series. Besides a unique paintscheme and some CF addons, the car was also lowered a good amount and sporting KW stickers. The writing was on the wall and we all knew that it was only a matter of time before a coilover kit was released for the 1M.

The coilovers are a Variant 3 system of KW’s kit, which means that the coilovers are both rebound (infinitely) and compression (14) adjustable along with height adjustable. Lowering ranges from 10-35 millimetres at the front and 5-25 millimetres at the rear axle.

KW claims that the new system will not only improve the cornering (especially at high speed) and aesthetics, but the comfort levels as … CONTINUED

06/07/2011    7:07 PM

Watch a supercharged M3 take on a lethal Z4 with the V10 from the E60 M5 in a drag race. BMWs are not dragsters, but it’s mad fun watching a supercharged BMW V8 going against a BMW V10.

06/07/2011    11:15 AM

1ADDICTS member FLEX///M has posted the first photos of his “Project Clockwork Orange,” a highly customized valencia orange 1M coupe. Click on through for beautiful set of photos and entire list of modifications.

06/06/2011    8:50 PM

Here’s a great feature video featuring the Arkym Fire Orange M3 Supercharged with the ESS VT2-650 blower being dyno’d. Listen to that sound! Some bonus feature photos are also inside.

06/06/2011    1:15 PM

Yet another 1ADDICTS member has outfitted his 1M with a full compliment of BMW Performance parts. The carbon fiber/black parts look great on the valencia orange 1M, providing some sporty contrast against the bright orange.