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05/20/2010    6:00 PM

The press has been out in force with their Alpina B7 reviews this week, following a big press event where various members of the press were given these cars to drive and have fun with.

I really enjoyed this one article in particular by the folks over at InsideLine, here are some select quotes but make sure to follow the jump to the full article


After one stab of the loud pedal, you understand why BMW doesnt bother to make an M version of the 7 Series. The 2011 BMW 750Li Alpina B7 is all the M7 youll ever want, a fire-breathing … CONTINUED

05/18/2010    8:46 AM

German mega-tuner AC Schnitzer does one thing very well, that is leaving no stone unturn when it comes to BMW tuning. They will do their work on every model that BMW churns out, no matter how low volume the car is. In this case, they’ve taken the BMW X6 M and added their unique spin to the equation. Compared to recent modifications available from AC Schnitzer, their program for the X6M is refreshingly more reserved and more tasteful.

05/11/2010    3:30 PM

M3post member DLSJ5 took his Gintani supercharged M3 on a one day 700+ mile round trip to Sacramento Raceway to truly test its capabilities. Though the trip was long, the results made it worthwhile. He was able to achieve a very impressive 1/4 mile trap speed of 131.67mph!

05/10/2010    3:30 AM

Grassroots Motorsports recently concluded their 335i project. The objective of their project was to take a 2008 E92 335i and attempt to make it as fast as an M3 around the track for less than half the difference in price ($15,000 at the time of the initial article). Did they succeed? Check inside.

05/08/2010    9:00 AM

Hamann has completed its work on the 5-Series GT and involves an impressive list of exterior and dynamic changes.

Their kit includes first and foremost a lowering kit for the models 530d, 535i and 550i (including air suspension).

The product range also includes a front spoiler to be mounted on the standard front spoiler of the series, side skirts and a rear spoiler in a ""subtle" or "striking" design. Both provide reduced lift force at the rear axle and thus considerably improve the driving dynamics. A new rear apron makes room for the HAMANN mufflers. The muffler system itself is composed of four stainless steel exhaust pipes measuring a massive 90 mm.

Under the … CONTINUED

04/30/2010    7:30 PM

The sDrive35is Z4 is a rocket and stunning car straight from the factory, but German tuner Dahler has managed to enhance its look and performance with a full compliment of Hartge parts, including Hartge ECU remap, lowering springs, quad exhausts, and 20″ Classic 2 wheels, and Adaptive M suspension re-tune.

04/30/2010    1:00 PM

M3POST members love their M3s because of their overall dynamic handling and feel, but power is of course also near or at the top of the list. That’s why some have gone the forced induction and added superchargers. Mikewads has gone even madder and added a 100 shot nitrous to his M3 with ESS supercharger (at 5.5 PSI)!! The result is a phenomenal 560whp / 404 wt M3.

04/28/2010    9:00 AM

Upon M3post member’s KonigsTiger’s request, Racing Dynamics/RDSport developed a specialized program called “Servizio Clienti Sportivo” (Racing Client Service). The goal was to create as much of a track performer as possible from the stock M3 by reducing weight and increasing power with an NA engine yet retaining some of the daily amenities. Here is the finished product and owner reaction.

04/22/2010    7:30 PM

We previously reported on jpsimon’s turbo upgrade on his 335′s N54 motor. The upgrade to larger compressor and clipped turbine wheel is now complete and the performance increases have been documented. The peak gains were an impressive 40awhp/50awtq on pump gas. Full details and dyno inside.