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02/26/2011    12:30 PM

Last week brought the first real life pics of the black sapphire metallic 1M and this week features the first live video of the 1M coupe, caught driving the streets in production form.

02/25/2011    10:05 AM

Here’s a neat animation of BMW’s new Twinpower Turbo 4-cylinder Motor (aka N20). This new engine is a 2.0L gas powered 4-Cylinder engine which uses BMWs TwinPower (single turbo – twinscroll) turbo technology, good for 245HP and 350Nm of torque. This engine is closely modelled after its 6-cylinder brethern N54 and uses an all-aluminium crankcase, precision direct fuel injection, with VALVETRONIC.

The N20 engine will make its US debut in two models later this year. There’s no official word yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the X1 and the Z4 28i.

The N20 engine is now powering the X1 28i in Europe and the first reviews of this motor have been positive (preliminary N20 reviews).

02/23/2011    6:25 PM

Here is a live look into the F10 5-series production process, featuring:

Body shop: spot welding by robots. Mounting of side sills on body structure.
Hot-stamping: Heating, compression molding, quenching.
Wedding: Drive unit engine, transmission, axle, exhaust system is bolted to the body.
Final assembly: BMW 5 Series Sedan rolls out of factory.

02/23/2011    10:45 AM

MINI has just unveiled its newest concept model – the MINI Rocketman, a vision for future-forward urban mobility from MINI. It’s a “3+1″ seater and will debut at the upcoming Geneva Motorshow.

02/22/2011    2:00 PM

Here is the full length extended cut version of BMW’s Super bowl premiered “Changes” diesel commercial, over double in length than the 30 second spot which airs on US television.

02/22/2011    1:07 PM

In this finale, the experts are asked a simple, yet complex question: what is your dream transportation? The wide range of responses—which included everything from mono-wheeled, gyroscopically balanced vehicles, to adaptive automobiles that “breathe”, to teleportation devices—highlights the very real fact that the future of mobility will inevitably be personal.

The film posits that we are all at the forefront of a transportation revolution and that the future of mobility has not been this exciting since the transition from the horse and buggy to automobiles. This next phase of mobility will surely affect everyone including automotive owners, drivers, renters, riders and enthusiasts, and will therefore necessitate a global cooperative effort to embrace change. Individual vs. mass mobility and car ownership vs. car sharing will be among the … CONTINUED

02/22/2011    10:30 AM

Fifth Gear has reviewed the all new 2011 BMW X3, with particular emphasis on comparing it against the previous (1st gen) X3. See inside for Fifth Gear’s reaction to the 2011 X3.

02/20/2011    7:22 PM

Here’s the comparison we’ve all been waiting for – Top Gear’s comparison between the E92 M3 with Competition Package and the Audi RS5. We won’t spoil the result for you, but the comparison starts 4:40 into this video.

02/19/2011    6:15 PM

In the latest Top Gear episode, the hosts test three 325i convertibles in their always unique and entertaining way. Clarkson, Hamster, and Captain Slow take 1987, 1988, and 1989 convertibles and compare whether the 3 samples from roughly the same build time, factory, and manufacturing process have held up and perform the same… through a series of zany tests of course.

Here is Part 1 of the segment. All other clips showing the remaining portion on youtube have been disabled, but it’s not difficult to find the entire episode to view if you know where to look.