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12/28/2010    7:30 PM

The all new F25 X3 has been said to have an impressive and refined ride quality, but these videos also show that it’s quite the capable off-roader when needed. Here are clips showing the X3 dealing with mud, ruts, uneven trails, snow, hills, and deep water.

12/28/2010    2:50 PM

M3post member mikewads’ supercharged (and nitrous) M3 continues to blaze new times, this time recording a 60-130mph run in 6.87 seconds! For some prospective, this is faster than the Ferrari Enzo, SLR McLaren, Carrera GT. The S65 engine and DCT are certainly proving to be incredibly robust and able to deal with tons of increased power.

12/22/2010    9:30 AM

Famous Nurburgring Taxi pilot Sabine Schmitz gives her initial feedback after testing the Frozen Black M3 edition on the Zwartkops racetrack in CAR’s 2011 Performance Shootout, which will feature 12 hot cars. Of the M3, Sabine calls it “bloody fast,” “unbelievable,” and “my favorite.”

12/21/2010    1:00 PM

The Ferraris, long time owners of the BMW Isetta describe their experience and love affair with the diminutive bimmer. They even traced the 1,000 mile Mille Miglia race route around Italy with their Isetta.

12/21/2010    10:00 AM

Video describing the roots of the BMW M3, from the E30 M3′s motorsport beginnings to the E92 M3 and its return of BMW to DTM racing.

12/20/2010    1:15 PM

Here is the BMW Unscripted story of Tiffany, rider of a BMW R80GS Motorcycle, who has circled the world with her motorcycle. Her life experiences through her motorbike is something which most of us can only dream of.

This particular episode is a favorite among the Unscripted series’ production team as they had the chance to camp with her in Turkey.

12/20/2010    12:15 PM

Here is the BMW Unscripted story of Grant, the “Meerkat Man” and owner of an E34 5-series, who has used his longterm BMW in the wild to observe and interact with Meerkats.

12/19/2010    7:54 PM

BMW has posted some new footage of the 1-series M coupe – a behind the scenes look into a photoshoot from this past summer. View inside.

12/19/2010    6:45 PM

Here is a video covering the GS Bildeler Supercharged E92 M3 2010-year-in-review. The GS Bilderer E92 M3 is primarily a competition drift car powered by a ESS VT2 supercharger putting down 650hp and 500 lb-ft torque.