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08/02/2010    7:00 PM

Unsatisfied with the tamer look and sound of the factory split dual exhausts of the 2011 535i, 5POST member Lacster has gone the aftermarket route and replaced the stock exhausts with a quad tipped exhaust producing a more aggressive sound and look.

08/02/2010    10:08 AM

For its time, the 328 Kamm Coupe was the evolved expression of BMWs ability in aerodynamics and design. BMW. Heritage group has resurrected this car in 2010, making its wide public debut at the Villa dEste in Italy and then later at the 2010 Mille Miglia where the car won again.

08/01/2010    5:45 PM

There’s been many exterior M3 GTS videos, but no in-car driver’s perspective videos, until now. Here is a video of Dirk Adorf, a German race car driver, behind the wheel of a M3 GTS at Ascari. Great video for appreciating for the sound and fury of the GTS.

07/28/2010    7:30 AM

If anyone thinks that the recent C&D M3 win was a fluke, they now have quite a pattern to dispute, as Motortrend has also declared the M3 as the benchmark which the RS5 and CTS-V still falls short of. When it comes to things that matter – performance, passion, pure driver appeal, the M3 still trumps all in its segment!

07/27/2010    9:45 PM

Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design BMW, provides some great insight into the details and ideas behind the stunning Concept Gran Coupe, pointing out classic BMW design cues, as well as hints towards the future of BMW design.

07/27/2010    3:45 PM

The 2011 F10 5-series is available with BMW new Night Vision option, part of BMW ConnectedDrive, allowing F10 owners to see objects in the dark up to 900 feet ahead of the vehicle. This is the first video we have seen of it in action in the F10 and it’s pretty slick.

Info from BMW:

BMW Night Vision, part of BMW ConnectedDrive, can see in the dark and warns the driver of any approaching danger that is located outside of the range of the headlights.

An infrared camera positioned behind the kidneys reveals objects up to 900 feet ahead of the vehicle. Pedestrians and cyclists are identified and … CONTINUED

07/27/2010    9:30 AM

Want to hear what 8,750 rpm (redline) in a M3 GT2 ALMS car sounds like? Strap on your headphones and enjoy! Nothing else need be said. But, we warn you – your BMW may sound a bit “understated” after this clip.

07/23/2010    9:29 AM

BMW is releaseing a series of videos surrounding the all new BMW X3. The videos first started with the exterior of the X3 but have now moved onto the inside detailing some of whats new in the X3 and certainly gives us a glimpse into the overall increase in quality and style from the previous generation X3.

07/22/2010    11:23 AM

A must see for all ///M fans, this video provides a unique look into M Headquarters where prototypes are built and tested, M Design Studio responsible for designs, the M engine factory, and the M Test Center at the Nurburgring, and finally the vehicle assembly plants. Click through for this great video feature.