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03/19/2013    4:45 PM

OK, it’s not truly being hooned, but a M235i coupe prototype is seen doing doughnut patterns in an empty lot as part of its testing. As a result, we get a great live look at all the various angles of the car – a bit like the car being on a rotating auto show display. We also get a good listen at its exhaust and engine sounds.

There is also a brief look at the F22 2 Series Coupe against the F30 3 Series Sedan, for a glance at how they compare in size/shape from the rear.

Production of the M235i coupe begins this November 2013 in the Leipzig plant, for an 8 month first-model-year production run (until June 2014). There will be no 235i model in … CONTINUED

03/19/2013    1:45 PM

After 14 years, BMW is changing the sound logo to its ads. What’s a sound logo anyway? It’s the signature sound (double gong tone) that you have been hearing at the end of BMW commercials for years.

BMW has now revealed its new sound logo (listen in the video below).

“As part of the evolution of our acoustic branding, we are replacing the ‘double gong’ used for the past 14 years with a new sound logo, which gives the brand a distinctive modern, aesthetic and dynamic recognition factor and can be used in many different ways worldwide,” says Joachim H. Blickhäuser, head of Corporate and Brand Identity at BMW Group.

“It was a very intensive process and a wonderfully exciting challenge right from the start,” sound designer Thomas … CONTINUED

03/19/2013    12:25 PM

In the latest episode of Fifth Gear, Jason Plato has a go in BMW’s flagship convertible – the F12 M6 Convertible, boasting 560hp / 501 lb-ft torque from its twin turbo V8 S63Tu motor, but weighting in at 4,530 pounds.

Plato praises the power delivery and sound from the new S63Tu based powertrain. He achieves 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds for the M6 convertible in his test.

Although the car weighs in at 4,530 pounds, it never feels like it to according to Plato. There’s a bit of understeer in high speed cornering, but that can be somewhat alleviated by more aggressive throttle application, albeit resulting in a harsh transition from understeer to oversteer. Overall, Plato feels the M6 is a great driver’s car which delivers really good … CONTINUED

03/18/2013    2:00 PM

From summer 2013, BMW Night Vision will additionally feature a specific animal recognition system that extends beyond the reach of the main-beam headlights. An infrared thermal imaging camera mounted in the BMW kidney grille is able to detect heat-emitting objects from a distance of some 100 metres, while distinguishing between humans and animals by the level of heat.

If BMW Night Vision anticipates a potential collision with an animal, the Dynamic Light Spots start to flash at the animal in a targeted manner. The instrument display simultaneously flags up the symbol of a deer. In the event of acute danger, the on-board system additionally emits an acoustic warning.

03/15/2013    12:15 PM

2012 video highlights featuring the 2014 F80 M3, from the amazing Nurburgring Nordschleife touristenfahrten, testing and track days.

F80 M3 news @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/m3/f80m3/

03/14/2013    8:00 PM

Video featuring matte white E90 M3 wearing Vossen wheels and ripping down the mountain roads in Southern California.

03/12/2013    10:10 AM

BMW Z4 GTE race debut in Sebring – BMW Team RLL ready for fifth ALMS season.

Munich (DE), 12th March 2013. The 2013 season of the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) is not the only thing kicking off at the 12 Hours of Sebring (US) this weekend. The race also marks the start of a new era in BMW Motorsport’s programme in North America: This is the first time BMW Team RLL will line up against opposition in the GT class with the newly developed BMW Z4 GTE [official details].

The BMW Z4 GTE debuts in the wake of an extremely successful Sebring scorecard for its predecessor, the BMW M3 GT. BMW Team RLL won the GT class at the endurance classic in Florida in both 2011 … CONTINUED

03/12/2013    8:00 AM

The Fifth Gear crew reviews the BMW Activehybrid 5. Can a hybrid impress the car nuts and pro drivers of the Fifth Gear team?

Watch their verdict in the segment which starts at 13:04 of the episode.

03/11/2013    8:30 PM

The latest airing of Fifth Gear had Jason Plato searching for the best daily driver used sports car buy for under $7,000 (£5,000). He narrowed his choices down to the E85 Z4, Boxster S and RX-8.

This particular Z4 had 80,000 miles but was still in excellent condition, garnering it Plato’s pick as the best daily driver and practical choice with the best interior, most refinement, best build quality and gas consumption.

The segment provides some tips on what to be wary of when shopping preowned E85 Z4s – listen for a rattling noise from the upper valve train assembly, which could mean that the VANOS unit requires replacing (cost is approximately $1500 for such a fix at the dealer). Also be sure to check the electric … CONTINUED