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03/06/2014    7:00 PM

A Yas Marina Blue F80 M3 sedan was spotted in NYC recently, where it was captured in some photos and videos by a BIMMERPOST member.

The driver was kind enough to rev the M3 a bit for the camera.

03/06/2014    1:45 PM

Jethro compares the Audi S3 against the BMW M135i on track at Bedford Autodrome.

03/05/2014    8:17 PM

We’ve added more BMW X4 wallpapers and the first videos.

03/04/2014    12:30 PM

Video from BMW providing an overview and general look at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show BMW exhibit, with a focus on the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and 2 Series Active Tourer, both of which are making their world debuts at the show.

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03/02/2014    4:40 PM

A great video feature giving an all-access look inside Studie, the Japanese BMW tuner.

02/28/2014    6:49 PM

BMW has announced that the BMW X4 will be revealed on March 6. This short teaser clip on its Instagram page shows a brief flash of the X4 along with the March 6 announcement.

See our recently posted X4 spy photos for even more looks at the X4: http://www.bimmerpost.com/x4/

02/22/2014    11:20 AM

The BMW M235i Racing is currently the talk of the town among privateer teams and drivers. Be it at the N├╝rburgring 24 Hours, the VLN Endurance Championship or the Rundstrecken-Challenge N├╝rburgring (RCN): The new car will be a strong ally in their quest to master the challenging Nordschleife.

02/19/2014    5:00 PM

I was in Munich for a bit last week and was hoping to catch a Yas Marina Blue M4 in the wild to see the color for myself. Seen plenty of photos at car shows in the bright lights but wanted to see how it looks in real world. As luck would have it I did happen upon one later in the day. I didn’t get great photos but did get to see what I came for. I can say its a very nice color and much more deep in person. I like it. The metallic flake is very subtle. Anyways, here are photos.

Also managed to take a video of the car taking off from a stop light. sounded good in person. Very raspy … CONTINUED

02/18/2014    2:00 PM

A detailed review by a BIMMERPOST member of his M235i test drive.

First impression:
When you first see the car it depends on which angle you see it from from the front 3/4 is nice. If you look at it from a dead profile it looks a little strange. As if somebody chopped off the back and the front. When I get a chance to post the pictures I think you’ll see what I mean. But from an angle, the car looks quite nice. It’s definitely a descendant of the 1 series. It’s a little bit more modern and it has more of a slope to its roof-line.

In person the wheels don’t look half bad. Yes 19in wheels would definitely look better but these … CONTINUED