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09/26/2011    1:50 PM

Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe reviews the 2012 BMW F10 M5 on video, giving us some excellent visual and audio of the F10 M5 experience. He’s overall impressed and sums up by calling the new M5 still a proper lunatic’s car. We like that!

09/26/2011    11:00 AM

Official preliminary specs on the Akrapovic exhaust systems for the BMW 1M Coupe have finally been released by Akrapovic, at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA. There are two exhaust systems available – an axle back and a cat back system. The preliminary figures indicate a +15hp / +19Nm tq gain, with a 16kg weight reduction over the factory 1M exhaust system. Videos, pics, specs are inside.

09/25/2011    8:00 PM

How Fast is a 530hp | 442 lb-ft V10 Powered BMW Z3 to 211mph? This custom Z3 race car which we previously featured shows just how staggeringly fast it is.

Many 18 year olds have lofty car dreams, but few have accomplished what young 18 year old Bulgarian BMW enthusiast Denislav Shishev been able to do by transforming a junked Z3 M Coupe body into a V10 442rwhp M Coupe racer, powering just 3,130 pounds. The 5.0L V10 is the high powered motor from the E60 M5 and has been tuned to 530hp / 442 lb-ft torque for this race spec Z3.

Impressively, Denislav had been racing with an E30 M3, but will be piloting this monster Z3 going forward. Via http://www.denislavshishev.com/

09/24/2011    3:30 PM

BMW provides a look into the development of their prototype microNavigation which provides an even more detailed guide and navigation experience than the current generation of navigation software. The goal is to provide a detailed guide from your origin to a destination as precise as a specific parking garage level.

09/21/2011    9:50 PM

Watch the first 2012 M5 (F10) publicly recorded high speed run, where the F10 M5 easily hits 300kmph (187mph) on the Autobahn. It’s a delight to see the speedometer climb so quickly, but also mad fun to hear the engine and exhaust noises as it rockets into the triple digit speeds. Video inside!

09/19/2011    5:15 PM

German tuning company Manhart Racing has now unveiled its MH1 Biturbo, which showcases their 1M coupe customization program.

The Manhart 1M coupe generates 415hp via an ECU software tune, custom exhaust system (3,799 euro) with stainless steel silencers (1,890 euro), and downpipes (799 euro).

To compliment the extra performance, the 1M has been given more a aggressive look with a full aero kit. The aero kit includes a carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, and mirror covers.

The wheels are Concave One forged wheels – 9x20F and 10.5x20R. The program also includes coilovover suspension for enhanced handling.

The complete Manhart 1M coupe upgrade program will cost 27,198 euro.

09/17/2011    2:45 PM

Bystanders in Utah are being lauded as heroes after they lifted a burning BMW off an unconscious motorcyclist trapped beneath it. Authorities say the accident Monday near the Utah State University campus in Logan happened when 21-year-old motorcyclist Brandon Wright collided with a car pulling out from a parking lot.

The bike and car burst into flames and Wright was trapped underneath.

A camera nearby captured a group of students and construction workers gathering together to tilt the car up and pull the young man to safety before emergency crews arrived.

The onlookers also used fire extinguishers from the college campus to put out the flames.

Brandon Wright survived and is recovering from his injuries.

09/16/2011    1:50 PM

We bring you the latest live look and listen at the upcoming new M6 coupe (F13) and convertible (F12) undergoing some final testing at the Nurburgring. We’ve also posted below a set of photos from the testing.

Not much camouflage remains, so its general shape and styling is easy to imagine. As for sounds, the M6 sounds quite similar to the F10 M5, owing to sharing the M5′s 4.4L 560hp twinpower twin turbo V8 S63Tu engine [specs]. This prototype appears to be testing carbon ceramic brakes, which will be an optional upgrade.

There’s no final word on debut and availability of the BMW F12/F13 M6 but we expect BMW to officially unveil the M6 in late 2011/early 2012 with a market launch in 2012.

Be sure to follow all … CONTINUED

09/15/2011    12:00 PM

We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage so far of the massive BMW exhibit at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA. And now you can also view the entire BMW press conference from the event. Inside is an English translated video of the kickoff press conference. You can really see how the full circle track in the BMW hall added a unique element to the presentation.