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06/28/2011    10:00 AM

Hi All,

Here is an interesting video around the engine of the F10, describing the main differences and improvements over the X5/X6M engine.

And another one about the M5 brakes

06/27/2011    10:00 PM

Sabine Schmitz might be out of Ring Taxi duty, but she can’t seem to let go off BMW M models. For the German car show TURBO, Sabine reviewed the 1-series M Coupe, and if it can live up to its marketing claims.

Even if you don’t understand German you can see what a blast she had. Or, in her own words: “The 1M makes you wanna drive fast.”

06/26/2011    6:15 PM

Perhaps the most highly anticipated BMW 1 Series M Coupe review has finally just aired – in episode 1 of Top Gear’s newest season (Season 17). Jeremy Clarkson takes the helm of the 1M coupe in the review and absolutely loves the car, calling it a brilliant brilliant car! It’s also put into the hands of The Stig for runs around the Top Gear track.

How did the 1M do in the performance measures? Well, it only managed to outdrag the Cayman R and Lotus Evora and beat the M3 CSL around the Top Gear track, with a time of 1:25:00 ! The results are consistent with almost all 1M reviews thus far – that the 1M is a little torque monster and one of the most … CONTINUED

06/26/2011    11:21 AM

The Nurburgring 24 Hour Race has just recently concluded and the BMW No.1 M3 has managed to make the podium with a second place finish! Porsche managed to take the top spot. The No.1 M3 GT managed to consistently move up positions throughout the race. At the 12-13 hour mark, the No.1 M3 was still running 5th, but by the 14th hour, the M3 had moved up to the number 2 position.

Congrats to BMW Motorsports!

06/25/2011    10:00 AM

A 1addicts member was lucky enough to prepare for his 1M delivery later this year by attending the BMW M Drive Tour on the Fontage Track in the south of France near BMW’s Miramas test track, courtesy of his gracious dealer. Many varieties of M were available for the tour including multiple 1M coupes, M3, X6M, etc. Check out his on track experience via videos and photos.

06/24/2011    1:30 PM

Featured below is the first commercial promo video for the F10 M5. The only previous other video of the production M5 was the launch video from BMW. The spot focuses on the versatility of the F10 M5 – from urban duties to mountain carver. Check it out.

06/23/2011    4:45 PM

BMW M3 CRT Update – we’ve posted our M3 CRT info thread with the first video and additional photos sets of the M3 CRT in development and film shoot. Click through to check them out.

06/21/2011    8:30 PM

Jason Cammisa of Automobile gives his strong opinion of the 1M coupe and bags on non-manual M3 drivers at the same time. Video contains some nice 1M hoonage as well.

06/21/2011    12:30 PM

BMW has just launched its first 2012 Olympics commercial, promoting the BMW Drive for Team USA, a national drive program that invites consumers to get behind the wheel and the Olympic Movement in support of U.S. Olympic Team and Paralympic Team hopefuls. The event series travels to 276 BMW retailers across America between June 16 and August 13, 2011. For each participant who test drives a vehicle at one of the BMW Drive for Team USA events, BMW of North America will donate $10 to Team USA, up to a maximum donation of $200,000. Funds raised will work to further the training and performance goals of Team USA athletes.