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05/31/2011    11:00 AM

The F10 M5 production model will be debuting at next month’s BMW M Festival at the Nurburgring (from June 23-26) and BMW continues to release teasers about this debut. Seen below is the latest video teaser from BMW, which leaves little doubt that the production F10 M5 will be revealed live for the first time at the M Festival. Not much new in this video, but we do get a look on video for the first time, the beautiful Monte Carlo Blue M5.

Also expected to make its world debut at the event will be the lightweight M3 EVO sedan.

05/29/2011    10:30 AM

Here are some videos featuring the autonomous driving BMW 3-series cars, which can drive themselves (and demonstrate proper driving lines, braking, and accelerating) around tracks for which they’ve been programmed for, including the Nurburgring, Hockenheim, and now Laguna Seca.

The robotic 3-series also feature LED indicator lights which help drivers who takes control manually recognize how close or off of ideal driving lines they are at any given moment on the track. All this info can then be exported to the computer following the laps for immediate graphical analysis and demo on the computer to help the driver improve their next lap. We’d love to see this useful track trainer technology implemented at some point at BMW’s performance driving schools and M schools.

05/27/2011    11:25 AM

The Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept stars in a video promoting BMW innovations. Watch the VED Concept in its best driving footage yet, and boasting its 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds with a consumption of only 3.8l/100km.

05/27/2011    9:31 AM

Autocar’s recently released their print version of their BMW 1M vs. Cayman R comparison in their magazine, and now here’s the video version. The video is inside for your enjoyment. Here’s a hint on the results – it’s close!

05/27/2011    9:30 AM

BMW continues its return to the use of the Ultimate Driving Machine message and tagline in the newest USA commercial called “BMW More.” The message is simple and direct in this commercial featuring a BMW 3-series sedan on some mountain twisties: More Powerful. More Fuel Efficient. More BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine

05/26/2011    6:50 PM

M3POST member and Dutch race car driver Junior Strous drives a BMW E92 M3 coupe on the Zandvoort race track in The Netherlands. Here is the on board footage of the M3 being driven to the absolute limit with a best laptime of 2.02.943 with a passenger on board.

Technical Lap Info: ’09 E92 M3 DCT, Toyo Proxes T1 Sport (Street tyres) 245/265 OEM 19″, Fully Loaded Zip Tuning Chip Mod, Performance Steering Wheel, DSI-Stinger/Front + Rear Laser Shield, F+R Stoptech BBK, Custom Brake Duct Cooling System, EDC, F+R PDC. Camera GoPro HD

05/25/2011    5:30 PM

The recently unveiled G-Power M3 GTS shows off a bit in these videos from its testing runs at Hockenheim. This super-GTS would go on to set a laptime at the Hockenheim track of 1.11,8 min. The G-Power M3 GTS features:

635 hp / 467 kW @ 7,800 r/min (+ 185 hp / 136 kW)
630 Nm 3,900 r/min (+ 190 Nm)
Top speed: 323 km/h
0-100 km/h: 4.2s
0-200 km/h: 11.9s
G-POWER SK II “Sporty Drive” supercharger system

05/23/2011    2:35 PM

Our review of the BMW 1M coupe from last week’s BMW west coast press drive event at the Willow Springs International Raceway has been posted. We wondered if there would be any unique perspective for us to share with our readers. We hope so. We’ve shared our opinion on how the 1M compares to the M3 on the road from an M3 owner’s perspective, how the 1M performs on the track according to a BMW performance driving instructor with 25 years of racing experience, and a description of the Willow Springs experience (as well as tips on negotiating the track). We hope you enjoy and find our review helpful.

05/22/2011    11:30 AM

NORBEFILMS sets some beautiful imagery of the F10 5-series M-sport to music by Moby. Enjoy the visuals.