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05/22/2011    11:30 AM

NORBEFILMS sets some beautiful imagery of the F10 5-series M-sport to music by Moby. Enjoy the visuals.

05/21/2011    3:30 PM

M3POST member ssabripo shares wish us his european delivery journal in which he took delivery of an interlagos blue E90 M3 with Individual interior. Check out the beautiful pics of his gorgeous car (especially that two-toned interior), as well as the rest of their trip.

05/21/2011    11:53 AM

Here’s a first video of the BMW 328 Hommage, at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, on the grounds of the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este on Lake Como, where 50 historic and iconic cars built between the twenties and seventies are displayed in a celebration of automotive past. No engine rev unfortunately, but it does have a nice burble.

05/20/2011    9:45 AM

The M3POST vs. MBWORLD Royal Purple Forum Wars episode has just aired. The race pitted M3POST member Drake Kemper in his E92 M3 versus his opponent in a C63 AMG and included a quarter mile run, an autocross run, and a slalom. We won’t spoil the results for you, so see inside.

05/18/2011    12:30 PM

BMWUSA has posted up their newest BMW 6-Series TV Ad, which is titled “The Moment”. The ad features the topless 6 barelling down canyon roads and through tunnels at good speed with the V8 growl providing a soundtrack. All the elements needed for a good commercial. The punchline at the end of course is to “Remember to Breath”, which is BMWUSA’s theme for the new 6.

I’m glad to see BMW putting out commercials like this and would love to see more like it

05/18/2011    10:00 AM

As a nice followup to their 5-Series review, Rosenthal Automotive comes up with another unique BMW video review. Its more fun then serious, but a worthwhile watch.

05/18/2011    9:00 AM

Over 52 teams from 21 European countries competed in the recently concluded BMW X3 Games 2011. Over 15,000 registrations entered for this contest of physical and sports events in Geneva to win three new BMW X3s (for the winning team). The 6 disciplines in which the contestants competed were: running, golf, skiing, driving, mountain biking and sailing.

In the end, it was team from Hungary who each went home with a brand spanking new X3.

05/17/2011    2:30 PM

Southern California appears to be a hotbed for FEP stage F10 M5 prototype testing, as multiple test cars are spotted each week. Another black F10 M5 prototype was just spotted last week (video/photos inside). The chase car was no slouch – an E39 M5, and it still had problems keeping up in the beginning of the video.

Although it remains clad in camouflage, we already know what the production F10 M5 will essentially look like by referencing the F10 M5 Concept, albeit with the mirrors and sideskirts seen here (which were not on the concept M5). Although the wheels have been painted black, these look to be the production wheels (the beautiful 5-spoke ones shown with the BMW Concept M5 are said to be available as an … CONTINUED

05/17/2011    11:15 AM

See what the auto journalists saw at the 1M press drives in this video of Matt Russell’s (M Brand Manager, US) presentation on the 1M coupe. See the philosophy, goals, and technical details behind the development of the M group’s hottest new coupe.