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05/05/2011    7:30 AM

Here is a video demonstrating the intelligent anticipatory 8-speed auto transmission currently in development by BMW. The smart 8-speed auto will know to downshift prior to the car entering corners or engaging hills, much as a manual driver would. The result is keeping the car in the proper ‘sweet spot’ gear and RPM range to allow for a sportier driving experience.

But that’s not all Foresight will do. According to Automobile, in addition to calling for earlier downshifts, Foresight will also instruct the transmission to hold a lower gear longer if it knows that there are multiple curves in close succession. For example, while driving through two curves connected with a short straight, a traditional automatic transmission might downshift gear-by-gear from eighth to fifth as … CONTINUED

05/04/2011    6:31 PM

A 5POST member spotted this FEP-stage F10 M5 recently and was able to capture video and photos. According to him (and a BMW master technician family member), he believes he possibly witnessed a F10 M5 manual transmission and ceramic brakes. What do you think? View the video and photos inside.

05/03/2011    3:44 PM

SESTOSENSO: a luminary apparition by Paul Cocksedge. Inspired by the astonishing new BMW 6 Series, the first BMW with Full-LED headlights, Paul Cocksedge has erected a stunning light installation at the Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan, Italy.

05/02/2011    5:10 PM

The results are in from BMW Motorrad’s feature showdown pitting Nico Bastian in the BMW M3 and Rico Penzkofer on the BMW S 1000 RR Superbike, on a track to see which/who is faster. The two are placed on a track to see whether car or bike catches the other first. Results inside…

04/28/2011    10:00 AM

See many Bimmerpost members’ ActiveE questions answered in this replay of BMW Conversations: BMW ActiveE, that aired at the NY Auto Show on April 20th, where questions were answered by ActiveE experts submitted through Facebook.

04/27/2011    3:50 PM

EVO has posted a great video review of a preproduction F10 M5 by Chris Harris, filmed in the Swedish winter. If you’ll recall, EVO previously posted a bit of a teaser clip and article in which it was confirmed that the new M5 will have at least 555hp (that’s the output of the X5 M and X6 M) and that “there’s a seven-speed DCT dual clutch transmission with three different shift speeds and a fully automatic mode.

This video gives us a better sense of the visceral experience of the F10 M5, along with some additional reactions by Chris Harris. We’ve provided some cliffs notes and the video is inside.

04/27/2011    12:05 PM

A new video demo by the Senior Engineer of the BMW Technology Group demonstrating the newest ConnectedDrive feature – BMW Apps (6NR option). Rob Passaro runs through the main features – integrated Web Radio, Facebook, Twitter, iPod, and Pandora functions. Video inside.

04/26/2011    9:11 PM

Here is another video featuring the BMW Concept M5. Some weeks after the Unveil in Garching, BMW is currently showcasing the Concept M5 at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show, and M-Power.com has just released a video of the VIP preview event, featuring some M enthusiasts prediction and then reaction to the M5 unveil.

04/25/2011    8:00 PM

Autoblog’s Damon Lavrinc recently had a chance to play with BMW’s newest ConnectedDrive tech – BMW Apps (option code 6NR). This video shows off some of BMW Apps coolest features, such as Pandora integration and Web Radio.