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05/13/2011    6:11 PM

An astute (and camera equipped) site member spotted this Le Mans blue F13 6-series coupe M-sport on the way to work this morning. This is the first time we have seen the 6-series coupe M-sport prototype with the actual M-sport wheels, which we uncovered last month. Thanks to LeMans335xiE90 for his efforts, as he was 1 hour late to work for bringing us this video.

05/12/2011    5:50 PM

BMW Performance Parts Manager Eric Riehle recently took questions from United BMW gathered from Bimmerpost members. On video, he addresses BMW Performance plans for limited slip differential, lease residualization program, new electronic performance steering wheel, M3 performance parts, and N54/N55 performance power kits. Check out the interview inside.

05/11/2011    6:45 PM

First video of a top speed run in a BMW 1M coupe result in a reading of 264km/h (164mph)! The video shows just how strong the 1M pulls in all ranges, even above 100mph. The car has also been tuned by BMW to sound great from the cockpit, with a great mixture of engine, air induction, and exhaust noise. Check out the run inside.

05/11/2011    1:10 PM

BMW participated in the 2011 National Aftersales Convention in Las Vegas at the end of March where they put on a live driving event to showcase the entire range of BMW Performance parts offerings. The event provided a back-to-back driving experience comparing regular factory cars and models fitted with BMW Performance parts. Here’s a video capturing some driver reactions and recapping the event.

05/10/2011    6:40 PM

The Smoking Tire undertakes a review of the E92 M3 Competition (ZCP) model and echoes what we’ve all heard before – that the M3 remains the benchmark for cars in its segment. Along with the beautiful scenery in this video review, Farah makes some great points which echoes why we and our M3 members all love the M3.

05/09/2011    2:11 PM

M-Power.com has just published a new video of the F10 M5 at BMW’s own racetrack in Miramas, France. BMW gives us another glimpse at the testing procedures they perform, including high speed (> 300 km/h or 190mph), launch control vs. smoky burnout, wet handling course and general performance testing. They have obviously also reworked the launch control function of the M DCT and gives us a neat demonstration. The BMW engineers are optimizing the new BMW M5 even for extreme conditions. This video documents the testing of the new BMW M5 at the test-track in Miramas, France.

BMW suggests that testing on the wet handling course shows that “the BMW M5 can be perfectly balanced with the gas pedal – whether in M Dynamic Mode of with … CONTINUED

05/09/2011    12:15 PM

We bring you the most revealing F30 3-series FEP (final evaluation phase) test car video yet — 2 minutes of spy footage. The video reveals the following things: Fixed piston calipers, Possible lightweight calipers being tested, LED turn signal indicators, Regular bulb brake lights, Appears to be undergoing sound check/testing. Enjoy the video inside.

05/05/2011    10:50 AM

Here is a sneak peek into BMW’s 2011 Chinese ad campaign promoting the M series. It’s a bit over-the-top for the rest of the world, but makes sense for the Chinese market’s tastes.

05/05/2011    7:30 AM

Here is a video demonstrating the intelligent anticipatory 8-speed auto transmission currently in development by BMW. The smart 8-speed auto will know to downshift prior to the car entering corners or engaging hills, much as a manual driver would. The result is keeping the car in the proper ‘sweet spot’ gear and RPM range to allow for a sportier driving experience.

But that’s not all Foresight will do. According to Automobile, in addition to calling for earlier downshifts, Foresight will also instruct the transmission to hold a lower gear longer if it knows that there are multiple curves in close succession. For example, while driving through two curves connected with a short straight, a traditional automatic transmission might downshift gear-by-gear from eighth to fifth as … CONTINUED