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02/02/2014    12:00 PM

We compare the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36) versus the 3 Series Sedan (F30) and the 4 Series Coupe (F32), both visually and specs-wise.

01/22/2014    9:30 PM

Chris Harris pits three 550+ hp luxury super saloons against each other in this comparo between the M6 Gran Coupe, E63 AMG and XFR-S.

01/16/2014    1:20 PM

As we knew, there are multiple F80 M3 and F82 M4 cars at the Detroit auto show. One of our readers recently discovered the ‘spares’ parked in the garage underneath the Cobo Center (where the show is being held).

As luck would have it, he was driving his Le Mans Blue E92 M3 Coupe, which of course called for a photo with the new M3/M4.

01/09/2014    9:45 AM

The BMW E46 M3 is regarded as one of the best drivers cars of all time, and they can now be had for under $25,000. In our opinion, the Ford Fiesta ST is the best new car you can buy for under $25,000. So, which is better? We hit the canyons with both to find out.

01/08/2014    2:25 PM

We have added even more comparison photos of the BMW M4 vs the Lexus RC F.

01/08/2014    12:37 PM

One of the BMW M4 Coupe’s biggest rivals in 2014 will be the upcoming Lexus RC-F Coupe, the first official photos of which have just been revealed.

While BMW has downsized the M3/M4 engine from the predecessor V8 to a bi-turbo inline 6 cylinder (425 HP / 406 LB-FT), Lexus has retained a V8 for the RC-F. The engine is said to be a higher power version of the 5 liter V8 from the IS-F, but outputting 480 HP @ 7300 RPM (up from 416 HP in IS-F) and approximately 400 LB-FT torque. It’s believed that the transmission will be an 8 Speed Sport Direct Shift Transmission.

Full details of the RC-F will be released next week at its 2014 Detroit NAIAS reveal, where the F80 … CONTINUED

12/23/2013    8:00 AM

Our Hong Kong M135i members put together this aftermarket exhaust sound-off battle.

Here you can hear the stock vs M Performance vs Bastuck vs BCS vs Milltek exhausts.

12/19/2013    1:40 PM

We compare the upcoming 2015 F82 M4 against the predecessor E92 M3 coupe, from a styling and technical view.

12/18/2013    2:00 PM

We compare the upcoming 2015 F80 M3 against the predecessor E90 M3, from a styling and technical view.