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05/23/2011    2:35 PM

Our review of the BMW 1M coupe from last week’s BMW west coast press drive event at the Willow Springs International Raceway has been posted. We wondered if there would be any unique perspective for us to share with our readers. We hope so. We’ve shared our opinion on how the 1M compares to the M3 on the road from an M3 owner’s perspective, how the 1M performs on the track according to a BMW performance driving instructor with 25 years of racing experience, and a description of the Willow Springs experience (as well as tips on negotiating the track). We hope you enjoy and find our review helpful.

05/20/2011    9:45 AM

The M3POST vs. MBWORLD Royal Purple Forum Wars episode has just aired. The race pitted M3POST member Drake Kemper in his E92 M3 versus his opponent in a C63 AMG and included a quarter mile run, an autocross run, and a slalom. We won’t spoil the results for you, so see inside.

05/19/2011    11:45 AM

The inspiration for the BMW 1M coupe is said to be drawn from the E30 M3. BMW likes to say that the 1M is the spiritual successor to the original M3. In fact, all of the engineers who worked on the 1M coupe were required to drive and become familiar with the E30 M3 during development. That’s how much BMW wanted the 1M coupe to emulate the E30 M3′s original spirit, while of course also accommodating for current safety required designs, customer wants, and reasonable build price. The two designs also share some common styling elements, such as aggressively flared fenders, a boxy design, upright seating position, and an overall pugnacious look.

Following our recent press test drive of the 1M coupe at Willow Springs (more on … CONTINUED

05/17/2011    7:52 PM

Here is the first set of comparison photos of the 1M coupe versus the E46 M3. Many feel that the 1M’s squat stance with aggressively flared fenders harks back to the similarly aggressive stance and shape of the E46 M3. We tend to agree. Judge for yourself in these photos.

05/13/2011    12:45 PM

Autoblog’s review of the 1M coupe is in and this is the message they have for everyone — “Enthusiasts, BMW has your car.”

The following sums up their experience in a few sentences: In similar manner, what makes the 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe so special isn’t found in charts, numbers or statistics. Instead, its appeal is discovered once you settle into the supportive bucket seats behind the thick steering wheel. Its allure is captured in the masterful combination of a torque-laden engine mated to a lightweight rear-wheel-drive platform controlled with a traditional manual transmission – the little coupe with the big flares is old school retro-cool and deliciously fun to drive. The new BMW 1 Series M Coupe doesn’t target boy-racers, it targets enthusiasts.

05/10/2011    2:38 PM

Here’s the first great look at an alpine white 1M coupe next to a mineral white M3 coupe. Both are beautiful in their own way, with the 1M coupe taking on a boxier, more overtly aggressive look, while the M3′s lines and bulges are sleeker and more discrete. One thing we’re sure of – the owners of each love their car!

05/02/2011    5:10 PM

The results are in from BMW Motorrad’s feature showdown pitting Nico Bastian in the BMW M3 and Rico Penzkofer on the BMW S 1000 RR Superbike, on a track to see which/who is faster. The two are placed on a track to see whether car or bike catches the other first. Results inside…

04/26/2011    10:45 AM

Hopefully right now, most of you are asking yourselves, “What is the Brilliance A3?” This is a good thing.

Just to fill in the gaps, Brilliance is one of the larger Chinese automanufacturers. Brilliance produces a panoply of its own branded vehicles but is also partnered with BMW on a few projects. For one, Brilliance is in a long term agreement with BMW to produce high volume 3 and 5-series sedans for the Chinese local market using Brilliance production facilites. In addition to producing standard series 3 and 5 series sedans, they are also in bed with BMW on more future looking projects such as a 5-Series plug-in electric hybrid vehicle.

This is the stuff that solid long term relationships are built on. Or so one would … CONTINUED

04/25/2011    9:45 AM

With the release of the Fiat 500C to the US market this past weekend at the New York International Autoshow, it seems FIAT wants to enter into MINIs marketshare in the USA.

As you may or may not know, FIAT is starting its push into the US, bringing its highly acclaimed 500 to the states first, through select Chrysler group dealerships. Although the 500 is new to the USA, its not new in other parts of the world, the car debuted in 2007.

The Fiat 500 is a small car with retrocar styling harking back to the glory days of the brand, similar to the MINI. The major difference being that it is an Italian car with its own Italian style, and the car is significantly less expensive. … CONTINUED