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12/30/2010    4:40 PM

Car and Driver has published the results of its annual 2011 Lightning Laps showdown at VIR, which includes several BMWs including the M3, 335i, Z4, and 135i. Check out their full lap time results inside.

12/28/2010    1:07 AM

Edmunds has pitted the 2011 550i (F10) against the 2011 Infiniti M56. Both are mid-sized sedans powered by powerful V8 motors. Does the M56 have what it takes to unseat the 5-series as the gold standard in the mid-size sedan category? See the review for the verdict.

12/24/2010    12:30 PM

Mercedes-Benz released the first details and pictures of the facelifted C-Class yesterday. As always, it’s a fun exercise to compare direct competitors, so let’s see how the new facelifted C class fares against the E90 LCI which was presented back in 2008.

12/18/2010    5:55 PM

Here’s an older but great review by well respected auto journalist Chris Harris track testing the X6 against some considerably more expensive (and powerful) competitors – the Cayenne Turbo, ML63 AMG, and Q7 V12. The SUV/SAVs are driven around a small and fairly technical track where the X6 turns in an impressive performance. Video and results inside.

12/17/2010    8:50 AM

While we’re all still drooling over the unveiling of the 1-Series M Coupe, some might wonder how it will fare against what will possibly be its biggest rival – the Audi RS3. We can already hear some moaning ‘coupe vs hatchback, RWD vs AWD and manual vs double clutch’ to stress both cars aren’t even rivals, but look at the specs to see that both a pretty close in power, size and price. Enough said, here it is, all pictures and information you need to make up your mind about this ‘fight’

12/12/2010    12:36 PM

The 1 series M coupe is said to complete the Nurbrugring lap in 8:12. For comparison, this is 10 seconds faster than E46 M3, same time as Z4 M-coupe, 7 seconds slower than the E90/E92 M3, and 22 seconds slower than the E46 M3 CSL.

12/11/2010    10:40 AM

BMW has posted a useful comparison chart of the 1M coupe versus the Audi TT-RS and Cayman S which shows that the 1M stacks up favorably against two cars which are significantly more expensive in price (both nearly $20k higher in price). The 1-series M coupe ties the TT-RS for highest horsepower, and leads in the torque and power-to-weight ratio categories. Check out the full comparison inside.

12/07/2010    9:00 AM

One of the F10 5-series’ arch rival – the new Audi A6 was just recently revealed last week. Although the test drive reviews will trickle in over time as the car gets into the press’ hands, here is a preliminary comparison of the two sedan’s ascetics and styling.

11/26/2010    12:16 PM

According to Autocar, the Mercedes Benz Biome concept previewed for the LA Autoshow, is a preview of the company’s answer to the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics in the mid-engined eco supercar category.