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02/17/2010    5:00 PM

Here’s the comparison everyone wants to see. Motortrend has undertaken the battle of the titans of the mid-sized german sedan market by pitting the 2011 535i against the 2010 Mercedes E350. Was there a clear winner? Check out the review to find out.

12/07/2009    5:00 PM

Top Gear reviews the BMW X5M against the Audi Q7 V12 and Range Rover. Tune in to see the winner.

12/02/2009    3:02 AM

R&T has declared the M3 winner of their “Sultans of Slide” drift contest, against the Corvette, 370z, IS-F, Genesis coupe and Miata.

11/28/2009    8:38 PM

The January 2010 issue picks the X5M over the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, and the Range Rover Sport Supercharged (in that order).

11/19/2009    10:58 AM

Winding Road Magazine pits two of the top German born roadsters – the BMW zDrive35i and the Porsche Boxster S against each other.

11/16/2009    1:41 PM

James May of Top Gear reviews the BMW V12 760Li against the MB S63 AMG, with help from The Stig. Which one gets the nod? Results inside.

11/01/2009    8:03 PM

I did a double take when I read that title. But the guys over at 0-60 mag somehow got their hands on both of these cars and did a head to head. For now, all they are putting out is a teaser of the comparo, so we dont know the results. But the SVT Raptor is nothing to laugh at so it will be interesting to see how the X6M stacks up.

Make sure to pick up the latest issue of 0-60 magazine for the full article!

Source: http://www.0-60mag.com/online/?p=20092

09/29/2009    7:19 PM

Using the same base X6 xDrive 35d (diesel), the two famed German tuning houses AC Schnitzer and Hartge have put together their own take on where to take these cars. And were glad to see that German magazine AutoZeitung has gotten their hands on both of these vehicles and thought to put together a head-to-head. If you are german speaking, make sure to read the entire article by following the link below.

For the non-german speaking among us, here is a brief summary:


- 328 HP / 675 Nm torque

- 22" Wheels

AC Schnitzer

- 313 HP / 680 Nm torque

- 23" Wheels

- 30mm lowering

09/22/2009    6:37 PM

Follow (and watch) the results of these epic runoffs between 335i’s of various tunes and mods against each other, 911 GT3, M5, M3, M6, Corvettes and more!