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06/03/2013    9:30 AM

Odd comparison huh? Well, this race is part of a segment by Auto Express in which hero cars of generations past are stacked against some of the more mundane offerings of today, to see whether the hero car’s performance has stood the test of time.

05/30/2013    3:15 PM

We’ve taken a look at the new X5 (F15) versus the outgoing X5 (E70), so we now pit the new X5 against one of its direct competitors – the Mercedes ML (ML350 and ML550).

Below are tables comparing the physical specs, powerplants and performance between the new X5 and the ML, as well as the comparison photos.

05/29/2013    7:00 PM

The all new 2014 BMW X5 (F15) has been revealed [official release], styled in the latest BMW design language. Take a look below at how it compares visually to the outgoing E70 X5, which was first introduced in 2006 and facelifted in 2010.

BMW has revealed that the xDrive35i is lighter by 170 lbs and the xDrive50i lighter by 230 lbs compared to the E70 X5.

As for physical specs, this is how the two models compare [see inside].

05/28/2013    6:15 PM

Street vs. Air, Racecar vs. Aircraft, Drift Ace vs. Action Pilot: Drift pro Dominic Tiroch with his Dotz BMW E92 (M3) DD1 drifting versus former Red Bull Air Race world champion Hannes Arch in his Zivko Edge 540. A nail-biting battle that couldn’t be any more thrilling and comes with a surprising, action game showdown.

05/23/2013    11:35 AM

Steve Sutcliffe of Autocar takes the Alpina B6 and the Nissan GT-R for a track (Brands Hatch) and open roads comparison.

05/21/2013    12:22 PM

Yes, a comparison of the M235i against a 435i M Sport or potential M435i would be a more appropriate comparison, but there are no revealed photos of the 435i M Sport (and no photos of a potential M435i). This is just to provide our members with a comparison of the 2 Series vs 4 Series’ general shapes and looks.

The angles on the spy photos also don’t match up exactly, but we will post another visual comparison once we have official photos for both models.

05/17/2013    2:55 PM

The M135i hatchback will soon receive a sibling in the BMW lineup by way of the M235i coupe. They will share the same heart – the N55 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine making approximately 315-320hp, as well as the same transmission and other mechanicals. On paper, the two should achieve similar performance numbers, with a slight edge potentially going to the M235i coupe.

As for exterior differences, it’s clear from these comparison photos. Besides the clear form factor difference (coupe versus hatchback), the M235i gets an overall sleeker look, especially the front end with its more aggressive bumper and large upsweeping air intakes, and slimmer headlights and kidney grilles.

No official specs have yet been released for the 2 Series, so we will compare physical specs (dimensions, weight, … CONTINUED

05/16/2013    5:15 PM

Now that we’ve spied an uncovered 2 Series, let’s take a look at how it stacks up visually against what will be one of main competitors – the Mercedes CLA sedan (with Sport package). One may be a coupe and the other a sedan with coupe-like styling, but this is the closest match we have, until the rumored 2 Series Gran Coupe is revealed.

Once the 2 Series official specs and photos are released, we’ll put together another comparo comparing official photos, as well as physical specs.

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05/14/2013    1:45 PM

Edmunds.com Editors pit the 2013 BMW 328i M Sport vs. 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0 Premium vs. 2014 Lexus IS250 F Sport in a comparison of $45,000 sport sedans.