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11/23/2008    10:24 AM

M3Post member picks up the very first Laguna Seca Blue E92 M3. Yes, although this color is not offered in BMWs official offerings, it was a very unique and popular color for the E46 M3. So much so, that there is obviously demand for this color on the newest M3.

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10/31/2008    9:14 PM

After 7 controversial years, iDrive is now in its second iteration. The system, which is already on the road in the new 7-Series and updated in the 3-Series and 1-Series, will be forthcoming across the entire BMW lineup. BMW is proud of this very fact; that the same system powers all the vehicles in its lineup offering a level of cohesiveness in the brand which is unmatched at this time. To date, there are over 2 million cars sold using the iDrive system.

The new system began development in 2002, just one year after the launch of the original iDrive. The system went through various stages of development which included cockpit models, two concept cars, and prototype cars equipped with various iDrive elements for real world testing. Additionally four sites were … CONTINUED

10/01/2008    9:11 PM

Here is an official set of high quality wallpaper images of the BMW X1 Concept as well as photos behind the design process of the BMW X1 Concept car.

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09/25/2008    9:03 PM

Here is the official catalogue and brochure for the new BMW 7 Series. High quality wallpapers are also included.

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09/04/2008    8:41 PM

Here are some high resolution wallpaper quality photos of the recently released Alpina B3 based on the facelifted LCI 3-Series cars

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08/07/2008    9:05 PM

7 Series Interior designer Nader Faghihzadeh seen here taping

Behind the design of the BMW 7 Series

The design of the new BMW 7 Series: the result of keen competition among the best creative designers.
The BMW Groups process of designing a new vehicle and finding the ideal shape is based on a concept of keen competition. In the development of each new model, several design teams compete with one another in their design
of the exterior and interior in a truly creative contest. Made up of designers and modellers, the teams then, in the second phase of the design process, complete models in original, 1:1 size clearly showing the aesthetic harmony
of the cars proportions and surfaces. To do this they use a simple but … CONTINUED

08/05/2008    9:00 PM


The new BMW ALPINA D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe

The factor with which the new D3 Coupe is best compared to its rivals is its Power-To-Weight ratio; an equation commonly applied in motor sport. But, with heavily increased personal taxation designed to encourage energy saving and lowered emissions, the calculation is assuming wider relevance to drivers – especially those in the select niche at which this latest ALPINA is aimed.

As epitomised by the D3 Coupe, gaining extra performance simply by substituting a larger engine is alien to the ALPINA philosophy. Instead, the manufacturer, working closely with BMW, maximises the sporting potential of existing units.… CONTINUED

07/29/2008    8:56 PM

Here are some pics of the M3 E90 facelift.

Note: European version shown!

E92 M3:

Best regards, south

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07/24/2008    8:50 PM

Here is an updated gallery of the BMW M1 Revival concept