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07/10/2008    5:47 PM

Official press release from BMW for the new facelifted BMW 3-Series. It is the epitome of sporty flair in its segment and for years it has maintained the leading position as the mostly widely sold premium vehicle in the world. Now the BMW 3 Series sets out to extend its lead even further. Specific design modifications, a further refined interior design, the new generation of the optional operating concept BMW iDrive, new services provided by BMW ConnectedDrive, a revised range of engines and innovations in the areas of drive technology, safety and comfort make both the new BMW 3 Series Saloon and the new BMW 3 Series Touring more attractive than ever before.

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07/10/2008    5:45 PM

These are the wallpaper quality high resolution photos of the new facelifted 3-series sedan (E90) and wagon (E91). Enjoy :)

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06/10/2008    10:47 AM

The latest concept car out of BMW is the GINA Light visionary car. This car will shape BMW styling for the next generation of cars much as the Z9 concept car shaped the Bangle era vehicles

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04/27/2008    7:48 PM

BMW’s supercar icon, the M1, blew out the candles at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este this weekend. In honor of the car’s thirtieth birthday, BMW rolled out the new BMW M1 Homage, a concept/design study that pays tribute to the original M1 and shows what could be possible if BMW were to produce a new mid-engined sports car.

12/21/2007    8:55 PM

Official wallpapers of the newly released BMW X6

12/16/2007    8:58 PM

Official BMW X6 Press Release and Wallpapers

10/23/2007    6:00 PM

Based on the new BMW 1 Series Coupe being presented to the world public for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007, this fascinating design study is the consistent evolution of BMW’s compact two-door with a clear focus on uncompromising sportiness. With its aerodynamically optimised body, a wide range of lightweight features serving to minimise the weight of the car and its axle load distribution, as well as an interior tailored specifically to the ambitious driver, this concept study clearly offers a high level of driving dynamics right from the start.

10/06/2007    5:04 PM

Its officially official! The all new BMW M3 Sedan (E90) wallpapers and information were released today. We have all the complete details provided by BMW including a horde of photos. Make sure to check this out!

09/10/2007    7:55 AM

The BMW “Concept” X6 photos have been finally released. This car is a ‘concept’ in name only and as usual BMW style, will actually closely follow what the production car will look like, minus a few changes.