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03/12/2011    7:09 PM

The time has come for the official release of information, photos, videos and wallpapers related to the all new BMW 6-Series Coupe. And BMW have done it in real style, choose Vermillion Red as the launch color of the coupe, a color that really shows off the lines and the new fixed top roof beautifully!

02/11/2011    6:00 PM

The original BMW 1-Series ActiveE said hello to the world in December of 2009, but now the car will go into production with a test fleet of over 1000 vehicles to be shared between the North American, European and Chinese markets. This marks the second electic vehicle in the BMW lineup (after the MINIe) and will make its official world debut at the upcoming Geneva Autoshow.

Just to recap, although this car is in the shell of a 1-Series, it features a totally unique drivetrain good for 170hp, 0-60 in about 9 seconds and a range of about 100 miles. This range is achieved with a redesigned LithiumIon based battery unit.

The knowledged gained from the 1-Series ActiveE and MINIe testbeds will directly impact the upcoming MCV (MegaCityVehicle) … CONTINUED

02/10/2011    8:38 AM

What you see before you is the new concept car that will debut at the Geneva Autoshow in about a month from now. The car itself falls into the lineup of “Vision” concept cars, joining its stablemate the Vision EfficientDynamics.

This car is a two seat BMW roadster with styling language that is certainly a mix of the design themes people saw under both Chris Bangle and now under Adrian van Hooydonk. The car aims to highlight some design themes that we have already begun to see in cars such as the 6-series and the upcoming F20 1-Series, such as the forward leaning ‘shark’ nose, very sharp and edgy lines and sculpted body lines. Pay careful attention to the headlamps and taillights, these seem to be the … CONTINUED

01/21/2011    9:00 AM

Yesterday, BMW kicked off the international press event for the new 6-Series Cabrio (F12) in South Africa. These press days aren’t meant to introduce any new facts and figures (we’ve already extensively covered the car in all its gory detail here), but rather gives members of the press some hands on time with the car in order to go back home and write their first drive reviews. BMW did however release a set of new pictures that we thought should be shared.

Ive attached a gallery below (which you can download high resolution wallpaper quality images from as well), the most interesting of these cars to me is the dark blue 650i that is sitting outdoors next to the E63 6-Series. This car actually has a custom … CONTINUED

01/18/2011    6:18 PM

Tonight, BMW dropped a bit of a bombshell, very discreetly and buried within a press release about a new edition to the BMW X1 family. BMW has as of now officially launched the new BMW X1 xDrive28i.

The xDrive28i is the familiar X1 we already know and love but now has under its hood a brand new 2.0L gas powered 4-Cylinder engine which uses BMWs TwinPower turbo technology, good for 245HP and 350Nm of torque. You can read all about this bombshell of a new engine in our separate post here.

For now, check out all the photos of the new X1 xDrive28i below.

12/15/2010    6:23 PM

BMW today announced several modifications to the 2012 BMW 1 Series Coupe that accentuate efficiency and premium quality. The unmistakable profile of the 1 Series Coupe, which represents the purest expression of BMW DNA is now sharper than ever. The new design of the front fascia on the 128i includes BMW’s innovative Air Curtain that counters turbulence near the wheel arches and so reduces the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle. New exterior design accents have been incorporated into the headlight and tail light clusters. In the interior, new switches and controls have a more refined look and feel. The updated 1 Series Coupe will go on sale this Spring.

In 2008 BMW introduced the 1 Series to the US, an authentic performance coupe that drew inspiration from … CONTINUED

12/09/2010    6:21 PM

It’s finally here (officially)!! BMW has unveiled the 1-series M Coupe along with official specs, press release, and photos. Full details INSIDE. 335HP, Widebody, find out all the details!

11/17/2010    6:42 PM

Words like “breathtaking” and “irresistible” punctuate the history of BMW Convertibles. Now, BMW has opened a new chapter in the tradition of open-top cars. The new BMW 650i Convertible fulfils the wishes of the most discerning automotive enthusiast as The Ultimate Driving Machine® with groundbreaking luxury and crisp good looks. In the premium convertible market, the 650i Convertible presents a convincing case with the most advanced chassis technology and most innovative comfort, infotainment and safety features.

09/18/2010    7:10 PM

We present to you the world premiere of the F13 BMW Concept 6 Series Coupe! This stunning concept will debut publicly at the 2010 Paris Motoro Show in a little under two weeks. The F13 6-series coupe is scheduled for production beginning July 2011. European sales begin after in April 2011 and North American sales commence July 2011.