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09/13/2008    8:46 PM

The psychadelia continues :) Here are the latest photos of the BMW X1 seen testing on the streets of Munich Germany

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09/05/2008    9:00 PM

BMW knows how to court controversy and this this top-secret X2 is likely to offend purists as much as a long-wheelbase, limo-spec M3. The X2 revealed today in our artist’s impression is BMW’s riposte to Land Rover’s achingly hip LRX coming in 2012: a smaller, funkier 4×4 meets coupe.

The X2 project is part of the new X1 family that we will finally get to see at next month’s Paris motor show 2008. A concept X1 will be shown at the Salon de l’Automobile on 2 October 2008 ahead of a production launch in 2009

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06/25/2008    5:31 PM

Its summer time and now the BMW has moved from winter testing to the ring for some good ole fashioned track testing. The new X1 has already been confirmed to be produced in Europe (Leipzig) rather then the traditional home of BMW SAVs (Spartanburg) and so most guesses are on this car being an uber eco-friendly vehicle using engines in the 4-cylinder flavor. The emphasis should be on people moving, european style, rather then speed and sport. Expect a very mainstream car out of BMW with this model.

MotorAuthority has been able to snap some pics of the car still in body armour speeding around the ring

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06/05/2008    11:01 AM

These are the latest rendering by Huckfeldt of what he thinks the upcoming X1 and X3 redesign could be. These seem to be off-base IMO as they are not inline with BMWs current styling trend

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02/24/2008    10:32 PM

Here are some spy photos of the upcoming BMW X1, the mini SUV.

11/30/2007    8:25 PM

Originally Posted by SCOTT26
It is the first prototype of the production X1 SAV.The X3 prototypes will be easily identified by its shortened glasshouse and dynamically sloping roof. They should hit the road in the new year.

Although based on the architechture of the 1er And to be shared with the MINI proposal . The design will offer an individual look seperated from the next generation 1er.

The MINI will be clothed in a small Compact and adventurous take on the MINIs styling with the famous MINI grille becoming much enlarged.
Although this car will share a platform with MINI it is not Same architechture different body style.

The MINIs drivetrain will be programmed differently likewise the X1.

The MINI will definetely not be called “Moke” … CONTINUED