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06/05/2010    2:00 PM

If youve been reading some of the early reviews of the new BMW X3 that have been posted up by various news outlets so far1,2, you may have noticed some commonality in their photos. Well thats because they are photos released straight from BMW showing off the still masked off car. For your convenience ive posted all the photos together here in this thread or you can follow the source link below:

Attachment 393857

Attachment 393858

Attachment 393859

Attachment 393860

Attachment 393861

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06/04/2010    8:25 PM

Bryan@mwerks was given the opportunity to test drive the upcoming (and mask taped) BMW X3 and has posted up the story @ Kilometer Magazine. Here are some excerpts from the article, but as always follow the jump to read the whole story


For 2011, the X3 grows up a bit, finally coming into its own as a true compact SUV instead of a jacked-up station wagon. Outright agility — while still very much important to the essence of any BMW — takes a back seat to, well, back seat comfort, cargo space, ride quality and general sophistication. Think of the next X3 as a … CONTINUED

06/03/2010    6:27 PM

Details on the upcoming 2011 BMW X3 are slowly leaking out by way of a serious of auto reports from a select few publications allowed a beforehand peak of the new car. Details are coming way of 3 major publications so far (follow the links below to read the full stories!), the most detailed of them has to be from Autobild which includes a drive.

For German speakers amongst us, follow the jump below to the read the full article. For the rest of us, here are some of their impressions:

The Interior

First and foremost, the cars plastics and materials have been significantly upgraded and are now more X5 then current X3, including the … CONTINUED

05/28/2010    11:30 AM

Member palbay shares with us some of the best photos yet of the preproduction X3 test car. With each photo set we see, the new BMW X3 is shaping up to be a great looking vehicle, and an improvement over the current generation.

05/26/2010    9:32 PM

The current BMW monthly production bulletin reveals some details on the new 6-series (F12/F13) and the upcoming X3. Production starts on the 650 convertible in March 2011 and 650 coupe in July 2011. Sept. will see a 6-cylinder 640 coupe and convertible and 650xi coupe and convertible. X3 production begins this December.

05/21/2010    11:45 AM

The BMW X3 is basicly upon un, with these official teasers starting to make their way around the internet the official internet reveal of this car should happen any day during this weekend!

Aside from the teasers showing off some very interesting design tidbits really move the X3 forward in design, they also give us a glimpse behind into the people who were involved with the design. Namely, Erik Goplen and Ulrich Str

05/20/2010    9:59 AM

The 2011 BMW X3 introduction is imminent folks. BMW has now posted teaser photos of the new X3 on its Dutch site. Shown is the sculpted hood, rear lights, and rear details. Well bring you more as they are posted.

05/13/2010    9:00 AM

BMW is said to be imminently releasing the critical information and photos surrounding the all new X3. And it cant come a moment to soon, although sales of the current X3 have seen an end of life uptick (likely due to the economy) many of us have been anxiously awaiting a new model.

From the spyphotos weve seen of this car so far, the new X3 will not be a drastic departure from the current car but will offer a larger size and a more X5-ish look to the mid-size model. But enough of me, watch the video and look at the new pictures and you be the judge.

Attachment … CONTINUED

05/12/2010    8:38 PM

I run across prototype X series vehicles being tested in the mountains all the time and came across this X3 a few week ago. I outpaced my M5 through 3rd gear numerous times and it was hell to keep up with in the twisties that I know fairly well. Im no slouch with much track time and the M5 has H&R/Koni SAs. I dont know what engine they had in it but it was a bullet.